The real cruise (and the arrest) of Isabelle Lagacé

The real cruise (and the arrest) of Isabelle Lagacé /></p>
<p>2016: the arrest of Quebecers Isabelle Lagacé and Mélina Roberge for importing cocaine aboard a cruise ship in Australia has caused much ink to flow. Now, six years later, a three-part documentary series, available on Crave, revisits that story from the inside. </p>
<p>The <em>Cocaine, Prison & likes: the true story of Isabelle</em>is interested in the point of view of one of the main people involved, Isabelle Lagacé, on this surprising story that has gone around the world. Mélina Roberge, who has already published a book on the subject, declined the offer to participate.  </p>
<p>In addition to Isabelle, various other people who have been following the situation closely – like her aunt, her father, her friend, her ex-spouse, cruise passengers and journalists – comment on the epic for an even deeper dive behind the scenes of this story. </p>
<p>Let's remember the facts: the two young women are recruited to smuggle drugs on a prestigious cruise ship that traveled halfway around the world. They documented their entire journey with heavenly-looking posts on Instagram before being arrested. The media jumped on this unusual story of young Quebec “Instagramers” involved in one of the largest drug busts in Australian history.  </p>
<p>After serving his sentence from prison on the other side of the world, Isabelle returned to Quebec in 2021. Now, she delivers, without filter, her version of the facts for the first time. </p>
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“At the beginning, I was not inclined to participate in the series, she says during a table media round to which Metroattended earlier this week. But over time, I developed trust [in the team]. I saw that the goal was not to tear me down, as the media has already done enough. » 

Director Sébastien Trahan says that the filming took place over eight days of around six to seven hours of interviews, which made it possible to “go deep into the psychology of 'Isabelle'.  

The latter remembers being very reserved during the first interviews, before becoming more and more comfortable. “In the end, I revealed much more than I expected. Going back to her memories has even served her as a kind of therapy, she says. 

New start 

Today today, the young woman says she is proud of this series in which she explains how she found herself in such a situation: debts, toxic relationships, depression, unhealthy nightlife, etc. She was an ideal target for recruiters.  

Isabelle hopes that this series will help some people possibly in a situation similar to hers not to repeat the same mistakes. She also wants to show that a second chance is possible. The experience of losing everything and ending up in prison allowed her to do a lot of introspection and she considers today that she has grown over this ordeal. 

The Cocaine series, jail & likes: Isabelle's true story will be available on Crave from December 2.

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