The SAQ will raise prices next Sunday

The SAQ will raise the prices next Sunday

The Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) will increase the price of its bottles by an average of 3.7% as of May 22.

These are 2,550 products that are affected by the adjustment. The SAQ explains this decision by the current economic context, namely by the disruption of the global supply chain which “results in an exceptional increase in shipping costs”. The state-owned company also mentions the production costs of its suppliers, which are also on the rise.

Inflation is skyrocketing all over the planet. Our teams have rigorously negotiated with our suppliers in order to maintain the necessary balance between offering a fair and competitive price to our customers and meeting the legitimate demands of our suppliers.

Catherine Dagenais, President and CEO of the SAQ

About 80 products currently on promotion will not be increased immediately. Instead, they will be on July 17.

A price-rise last year too

In November 2021, a price increase was also applied to shelves. The SAQ had adjusted the cost of 1,332 products, by $0.40 more on average.

“Several climatic phenomena with significant consequences” explain this increase, including extreme cold, humidity, floods and drought, explained the SAQ in particular last year. The most affected wines were those from France. This is still the case this year.

Increase in the regions mainly affected:

  • Beaujolais: 6.4%
  • Burgundy: 7.7%
  • Loire: 5.5%
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