The Secret to Getting More Instagram Likes, According to Science

The secret to having more «likes

Selena Gomez is in the top 5 most followed Instagram accounts in the world.

Have you just posted a photo on Instagram but haven’t gotten a lot of likes? What's the secret to getting more likes on your Instagram photo? A study determined the most sought-after features in a publication. And that, we love!

Researchers at North Carolina State University analyzed 147,963 photos on Instagram across six characteristics: “the distribution of colors, brightness, number of edges in the image, number of objects in the image, the regularity of the objects, which is determined by whether the objects share an orientation and the extent to which they overlap, and the degree of symmetry in the arrangement of the objects.

After submitting the photographs to these different criteria, the researchers were able to determine what made the content the most attractive to users. “We found that all six metrics are important, but there were particular patterns in which images generated the most positive feedback,” said William Rand, co-author of a paper on this work and associate professor of marketing. at North Carolina State University.

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According to the results, it's all in the balance between brightness and color. If diversity is essential, too much color contrast will not work in favor of the content creator. On the contrary, Internet users will be more attracted by the extremes in terms of the construction of the photo. Very simple and very complex images will be the most appreciated by users. 

If these characteristics are respected, they can increase the number of “likes” between 3% and 19%. A finding that can be important for brand communication on social media. 

“We are increasingly able to determine whether images included in social media posts are likely to pique consumer interest, said William Rand, “But many of the variables that we know affect audience interest have very little to do with the images themselves.”

Indeed, the reputation of the brand or the number of subscribers to the Instagram account are the biggest indicators in terms of consumer engagement, said the study. Also pay attention to the caption you write under the publication, pointed out William Rand. 

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