The singer Étienne Daho “not dead yet!”

Le chanteur Étienne Daho «pas encore mort!»

Étienne Daho 2014

December 16, 2019 17h52


The singer Étienne Daho “not dead yet!”


Agence France-Presse


PARIS — The French singer Étienne Daho, who was forced to cancel a concert Sunday in the north of France for health reasons, gave the reassuring news Monday on her behalf Facebook : “Sorry guys. Not dead yet!” (Sorry, guys. Not dead yet!).

Without specifying what health problem he has suffered, the artist tells in a long text that he felt “strangely not very much” shortly before going on stage Saturday night in Lille. “I’m not the kind to listen to my aches and pains. I occult and I trace,” writes Étienne Daho, 63 years of age.

It is later the same evening, before the persistence of the discomfort, that he decided “to go to the emergency”, without wanting to “enter in details that relate only to [him]”.

The concert tomorrow has been cancelled, “always a cruel decision to make for me, for the musicians, the technical and of course the public,” says Étienne Daho. “To my alarm clock, hundreds of emails and messages in panic of family and friends that you need to reassure. The poison of the time. The infox shock. I am hospitalized, in a coma, blah… blah… blah… Sorry guys. Not dead yet!” concludes the artist.

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