The slobbering rapper Marie-Gold is back… but not for long

Slobbery rapper Marie-Gold back… but not for long

Rapper Marie-Gold launches Back to Slobbery City on Friday.

Rapper Marie-Gold launches Friday Retour à Baveuse City, a mixtape which is seen as an extension of her flagship album, Bienvenue à Baveuse City< /em>, released last year.

From the conceptualization of his previous opus, the artist planned to do this new project. If Welcome to Baveuse City offered a candy pink, even bimbo aesthetic, this new mixtape is the antithesis.

The goal is to break this image – which is not at all that of Chloé Pilon-Vaillancourt, the person behind the character – with an apocalyptic aesthetic this time. This concept, the artist applies it to his music, but also to all his artistic direction, from his merch at her shows. 

The Baveuse City project was conceived at a time when Chloé was doing a lot of math and science on a daily basis, she who graduated last year in engineering physics.  

“My mind became compartmentalized and very cerebral, my imagination increased tenfold. It was therefore natural at this time to make a concept album and not just a compilation of songs”, explains the rapper in an interview with Métroin a café in Villeray. 

Sloppy rapper Marie-Gold back… but not for long

Marie-Gold. Photo: Marie-Michèle Bouchard

Saved by pleasure 

The universe of Baveuse Citywas of great importance to Marie-Gold. After the release of a first EP in 2018, the artist went through a low period during which the music industry forced her to do things she did not want.  

This resulted in entries to competitions she didn't really want to enter and a debut album, Golden Rule, which she finds confusing and disjointed.  

Thanks to his album Welcome to Baveuse Cityand the pleasure it gave her, the rapper managed to get out of this more difficult period artistically.  

The recent graduate needed her rap project to be a place of total fun to compensate for the intensity of her studies.  

“Through work, my studies, the fact that I am constantly being told about the reality of being a woman in the rap and the effective sexism that I was experiencing, I had to have fun. The slobber is just there to have fun. »

 The drooling rapper Marie-Gold back… but not for long

Marie-Gold. Photo: Marie-Michèle Bouchard

Ready for what's next 

Back to Baveuse City is a way for the rapper to come and enrich this universe and close it to move on.  

It is that after having found her way in music thanks to the character of the drooler, which allows her to rap with a rebellious and irreverent tone, Chloé Pilon-Vaillancourt is ready to embark on new avenues. 

“It is important for me to detach myself from this drooling character that I have endorsed in the rap scene for five years. I love this character, which is a natural part of me, fun and rich to exploit, but I want to offer something more mature, deeper, closer to my heart in the future”, confides the artist .  

“I have always been asked to be that arrogant, slobbering person in your face… But deep down, I am often alone, I study maths, I like to read, I am gentle and calm,” she continues. 

We already find pieces of this new Marie-Gold on Back to Baveuse City. In this regard, Chez la psy, an introspective piece that closes the project, bridges the gap with the genre of music that is coming, says the rapper.

“For the rest, I want to be softer, less aggressive-aggressive”, indicates the one who aspires to eventually release a project combining rap and jazz. 

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