The snow cover will not resist

The snow cover will not resist

After the snow on Tuesday, a heat wave will set in in Estrie.

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Claude Plante La Tribune The snow received on Tuesday will not withstand the heat that is expected for the next few days in Estrie.

The mercury will rise significantly by the end of the week which will melt this snow cover. The accumulations reached between five and ten centimeters, sometimes more in mountainous terrain, estimates Alexandre Parent, meteorologist at Environment Canada.

“These are normal accumulations at this time of year. Especially in the Eastern Townships with the drop in the region, ”he says.

The sun and mild temperatures will stretch over several days, adds the specialist.

“The duration of this above normal weather without precipitation, we have not seen that in the region for at least 25 years,” said Mr. Parent.

“It's out of the ordinary.”

The mercury will rise to 13 degrees Thursday and Friday, to 2 pm Saturday and Sunday. The sweetness should last until the middle of next week. “We will return to normal temperatures,” predicts Alexandre Parent.

“We're not talking about very cold at the moment. November promises to be fairly mild. ”

We don't beat a record. These exceed 20 degrees, he says.

One can speak of an “Indian summer”, underlines the meteorologist, while affirming that the expression is more folklore than science.

The snow cover will not resist

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