The SQ is investigating allegations of forced poisoning in Gaspésie

The SQ is investigating allegations of forced intoxication in Gaspésie

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) is investigating allegations related to “possible intoxications” non-consenting linked to stings in “the sector of the MRC du Rocher-Percé”.

The SQ is currently trying to validate information regarding the origins of these poisonings.

The SQ confirms that “the 'prick challenge' is known to [its] services” and that it is in the process of verifying whether this scheme has been used in the MRC Rocher-Percé. Unable to confirm if this is indeed the case at this time.

The “prick challenge” is a ploy consisting in stinging victims with GHB or other drugs with similar effects. Reported in Europe, it has not been officially documented in Quebec.

The SQ is not able to confirm whether there have been complaints related to sexual assault since it does not mediate information related to this type of incident for the purpose of to “protect the victims”.

A source who requested anonymity spoke to Métro in connection with allegations to this effect and related to non-consensual injections by sting.

“If the safety of the population is in danger, you will be informed […] but, there, we are not there”, affirms the SQ. However, it confirms that investigations are underway in connection with allegations of sexual assault in the MRC du Rocher-Percé as well as with allegations in connection with possible non-consenting intoxication related to injections. The SQ has neither denied nor confirmed that these investigations were related.

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