The struggle of women is changing

La lutte féminine évolue

The mother of two children and as a legal assistant for a firm of notaries, Melody Richard, aka Sally, has been fighting since 11 years now. Since she was 15 years old, the woman chained to the kicks, rolls, and somersaults a little everywhere in Quebec… and even now in the United States.

“When I was in high school, I went out with a guy who was out of the fight,” says the one who won the belt in the women’s category at the gala Climax presented at the Cégep de Sherbrooke, Saturday. I was going to see it and I thought it was really cool to be able to hate him, to boo! Then I continued there. The feeling of being in the ring and see the people who are watching us, it is incredible. It is an adrenaline high. “

Is it viewed by the public as being kind or unkind? “It depends on where! Initially, I was supposed to be an evil. When I go out, people like me, then the crowd decided that I was a nice, without that I decide to be. Since this time, I’m pretty nice everywhere. When I fight, I am not beautiful. My goal is to look good in the ring, ” she, smiling.

Sally even had the opportunity to show the extent of his talents in Pennsylvania. “A wrestler is being fought everywhere in Quebec, who moved there and who has decided to start a federation, which presents half of the fighting men and half of women’s struggles for me. We had four or five in Quebec who were riding in the car down there. One time, I arrived and she asked me to try the belt, because I won the next day! I was very happy “, she says.

“It gives the opportunity to fight against other people, because here, we are often against the same wrestlers,” continues Sally. Quietly, the mixed fights will happen. I often struggle against guys these days, and I love it. “

Sally does not wish to make the leap into the circuit of professional wrestling. “At this moment, I fight every Saturday. It suits me because I have two children and a job. I love my schedule. It does not appear, but fighting every Saturday, I don’t have the time to heal all my pains from a week to another. Fight every day for a federation professional, I don’t think I would have the endurance to do it. That to me would cause much too much stress “, says the woman, 26-year-old.

The evolution of the sport

According to Sally, the sport is much better than a few years ago. However, the fight is far from parity : for example, a single combat against three women in the gala Climax. In all others, men clashed. “Before, it was woman against woman, five minutes of combat, puts into perspective Sally. It was the battle which we wanted to get rid of. We had the girls put on the show, because it sold more. Now, I feel equal to all others. I often have battles against guys and you can go elsewhere. If I fight against a girl of my size, you can’t do as much stuff as when we are dealing with a guy. “

In the professional world, things have also changed. “Women prove to be. This is more than just for show, it is now of the fight. It is not just in the beautiful small costume to the show as it is beautiful, it shows that we can make the beautiful struggle, ” says the wrestler.

For the organiser of the event, Sébastien Morin, alias Johnny The Scam, the fight was previously a world that is misogynistic. Things have however changed. “Now, we are going to focus on the sporting aspect, the competition aspect. It is less than the competition guidounes. The girls can now say that they can be taken seriously, and they have the merit of being, ” says the one who also took part in the card of the evening.

However, we are still very far from parity. “The struggle, it is a sport that is very robust, less easy than what we think. About a rookie 20 decides to actually fight. The women are going to go with the product. If it is attractive, it will be a snow ball effect and the other girls will see them as idols. They are going to try, ” explains Johnny The Scam.

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