The Time Out Market goes into Christmas mode

Le Time Out Market goes into Christmas mode

The Time Out Market holiday menu will launch on December 5th.

To celebrate its very first post-pandemic Christmas, the Time Out Market will soon be immersed in a festive atmosphere! On the program, a unique holiday menu, and a Christmas market that will bring together more than a hundred local brands. 

In three years of existence, the Time Out Market Montreal located in the heart of the Eaton Center, has not had many opportunities to party. Now that the confinements are behind us, he intends to catch up. Starting December 5, several restaurants in the gastronomic foodcourt will be adding a dish designed especially for the holidays to their menu.

If you want to treat yourself by going there while shopping for Christmas, we particularly recommend Blossom's semi-cooked salmon nigiri, chef Chanty Yen's pork and shrimp dumplings or Red Tiger's spicy beef soup, perfect for cold days. If you are very hungry, let yourself be tempted by the pasta creste di gallowith duck ragout served by Il Miglio, or the lamb burger signed Toqué!, a delight.

Turkey, meat pie and stuffing have been reserved for your family evenings. Here, there is none.

The Time Out Market goes into Christmas mode

The Time Out Market goes into Christmas mode

The Time Out Market goes into Christmas mode

Time Out Market goes into Christmas mode

The Time Out Market goes into mode Noël

Photos: Courtesy, Time Out Market Montreal

To add to the festive atmosphere, Time Out will also soon present its new cocktail menu that promises to brighten up your Christmas evenings. end of the year.

Local market

The garlands, lights and other Christmas balls have already been installed above the tables of the Time Out Market, the good dishes are there, so all that's missing is a Christmas market to finish setting the scene.  

It's a good thing, the Signé Local Christmas market will take place from December 3 to 11 in the Market. Clothing, decorations, delicacies… You will find products from more than 140 local brands!

The holiday menu

  • Salmon nigiri – Blossom
  • Pork and Shrimp Dumplings – Chanty Yen
  • Grilled octopus and mashed sweet potato – Americas BBQ
  • Creste di gallo with duck stew – Il Miglio
  • Chicken stew in red wine – Campo
  • Spicy Beef Soup – Red Tiger
  • Lamb Bhuna – Le Taj
  • Djej rice and roast chicken – Mezzmiz
  • Ham with rum and pineapple – Paul Toussaint
  • Burger T! with lamb – Cracked!
  • Pizza Nordica Spicy – Moleskine
  • Eby Fry (fried shrimp) curry – Marusan
  • Gingerbread Latte – Espresso Tunnel
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