The time Pythia almost won “Canada’s Drag Race”

The time Pythia almost won & ldquo; Canada & rsquo; s Drag Race & rsquo;

Pythia at the final of “Canada's Drag Race”

Montreal drag queen Pythia came a hair's breadth away from being crowned the grand winner of the second season of Canada & rsquo; s Drag Race . Back on his highlights of the season in the company of his interpreter, Christos Darlasis.

< strong> The time you had the most fun?

Surprisingly, it was during the Snatch Game , in which I portrayed the singer Grimes! I was very scared at first, but I had a lot of fun. Finally, I ranked among the best, which is great!

The time you were most moved?

During the episode 8, when we transformed queer students into drag to celebrate their graduation. At first, it was very emotional to be able to talk to our families. Then, we created solid bonds with these young people who feel excluded from society.

The time you were most proud?

When I visited in the top three! I am so proud of my journey and so proud to have been able to present all the facets of my art, because I have worked very hard to get to where I am.

I am very happy to have developed such beautiful friendships with the other participants. I feel they will last beyond the show .


Your favorite moment in Canada & rsquo; s Drag Race ?

There are so many… One of them is when we put together the musical Under the Big Top . I studied theater, I love musicals, so I was definitely going to win this challenge!

Your favorite look of the season?

Oh my God! I really liked my costume of a Victorian woman who hides her horse body. I had this character in my mind for so long, it was a lot of fun bringing him to life.

How has your experience at Drag Race changed your life?

It gave me an incredible platform to disseminate my art, which is not very conventional drag. I like it when it's theatrical, campy and artistic. Also, now I have the opportunity to work with so many people that I love and admire…

I am very proud to represent Montreal's drag undergroud universe. There is a lot of popular drag in the Village, like at Mado. I represent a different facet of this art that the public knows less about.


What are your next projects?

We are going on tour with the season 2 team across Canada starting in January, hoping that the new sanitary measures will allow us to perform. In the worst case, it will be postponed; safety remains the priority. I have a few other projects in development, including a movie… It will be a lot of fun!

Season 2 of Canada & rsquo; s Drag Race is available as a catch-up on Crave.

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