The Twins replaced in the next season of “Revolution”

The Twins replaced in next season of “Revolution” /></p>
<p> The Twins made their mark at Revolution. </p>
<p>TVA announced on Wednesday that the fifth season of the television dance competition <em>Revolution</em> would take place without Les Twins, the show’s legendary duo.</p>
<p>Although’ they were part of the judging team from the beginning, the famous dancers, who previously collaborated with Beyoncé, will no longer be part of the competition. It’s the Quebec professional dancer Mel Charlot who will replace them as Master of the 5th season. </p>
<p>Mel Charlot was born in Montreal and trained in hip-hop and commercial dance. She has worked with artists as famous as Kanye West, Beyoncé, Cardi B, Lizzo and Mariah Carey.</p>
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Mel Charlot will be the new Master of the fifth season of Revolution.

I'm really a fan of this show which allows you to discover dancers of different styles, who share the same passion.

Mel Charlot, professional dancer and choreographer

Dancer, but also choreographer of shows such as Masked Singers or Lip Sync Battle in the United States. The artist says she is very happy to be able to come and work in Quebec.

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