The two billion trees promised by Trudeau still awaiting funding

The two billion trees Trudeau promised still awaiting funding

Accompanied by his sons Xavier and Hadrien, Justin Trudeau plants trees during an election campaign activity on October 6, in Plainfield, Ontario.

Share November 2, 2020 2:00 p.m. Share The two billion trees promised by Trudeau are still awaiting funding The Canadian Press OTTAWA – The massive tree planting promised by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after the 2019 election has not yet received a single penny of funding.

Mr. Trudeau promised a year ago that the government would plant two billion more trees by 2030, or about 200 million more trees per year. Canada plants approximately 600 million trees per year and Ottawa demands that every tree harvested be replaced.

Beth MacNeil, assistant deputy minister at the Canadian Forest Service, explains that during the current consultations, there is no specific plan on how the new plantings will be carried out.

MacNeil admitted to the Commons Natural Resources Committee on Friday that the Forest Service was still waiting to receive an operating budget for the program.

Alberta Conservative MP Rachael Harder finds it “shameful” that the Liberal government still has not invested in this promise.

Mr. Trudeau had presented the massive tree planting program as an essential element of Canada's strategy to combat climate change.

Ms. MacNeil believes that the “solution” to climate change necessarily lies in, among other things, forests, which absorb and store carbon dioxide.

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