The vaccine passport will be requested in supermarkets

The vaccine passport will be required in big-box stores

Quebec Prime Minister, François Legault

A vaccine passport will be required to go to big-box stores (1500m2 and more ), excluding food-related businesses and pharmacies.

According to the Prime Minister, the tightening of health measures at the end of December would have partially curbed the increase in cases. “We can expect in the next few days to reach the peak in the number of hospitalizations in Quebec,” he added.

“We still have good news today […] We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said François Legault. The Prime Minister confirms the return to class for students and teachers and lifts the curfew as of Monday, January 17.

Mr. Legault meets with the media on Thursday to provide an update on the measures that will be deployed against COVID-19. He is accompanied by the Minister of Health Christian Dubé, as well as the interim national director of public health Luc Boileau.

Rise in hospitalizations

Quebec reports an increase in hospitalizations, intensive care admissions and deaths due to COVID-19.

Quebec health establishments note an increase in hospitalizations linked to COVID-19, with an increase of 117 people (443 new admissions and 326 discharges), which gives a total of 2,994 people hospitalized in the province. Admissions to intensive care also recorded an increase of 9 new people (44 new admissions and 35 discharges), for a total of 272 people.

This critical situation in hospitals could however be expected to stabilize, forecasts the INSPQ. Cases and new hospitalizations could have already peaked or reach it in the coming days, according to half of the simulations carried out. The other half, however, predict an increase in hospitalizations in the coming weeks.

In fact, the government is implementing new measures to counter the labor shortage in hospitals. The health centers will have more autonomy in the management of schedules and a half-day of vacation granted to the person for all the days worked beyond his normal working week. Reimbursement of work-related expenses is also proposed when the employee works overtime.

An agreement has been reached between the Government of Quebec and the company MedSup Medical for the supply of 70 million rapid tests over the next five months.

Upcoming tests

A first delivery of 10 million self-tests is expected by the end January, while 20 million additional units are expected in February, another 20 million in March, 15 million in April and 5 million in May. Options to buy 5 million tests in April and 15 million in May are also part of the agreement.

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