The very first Quebec sake arrives at the SAQ

The very first Quebec sake arrives at the SAQ

Sake is a Japanese alcohol made from fermented rice.

Quebec has its gins, its rums, its whiskeys… and now its sake! The first 100% Quebec alcohol of its kind will soon find its way onto the shelves of SAQ branches in the province.

It is the Vrooden brewery, founded and installed in Granby in 2016, formerly specialized in the brewing of traditional German beers, which is behind this initiative. Observing a saturation of the microbrewery beer market in Quebec, the company decided in June 2022 to cease its brewing activities to devote itself exclusively to the production of alcohols from the fermentation of rice.

Rice wine with sake

Sakusei Junmai Ginjo, the Quebec sake that Vrooden is launching today, is the company's second fermented rice wine. Previously, in the summer of 2021, Vrooden marketed in the Quebec network of specialty beer stores the first Quebec makgeolli, a Korean rice wine known for its richness in the mouth as well as its floral flavors. Called Geonbae, this brand's first rice alcohol will be distributed starting March 2 by the SAQ.

It is on the strength of this success that the Vrooden brewery decided to tackle another famous rice alcohol: sake, a product of Japanese origin this time, brewed here in Quebec, respecting traditional methods. over 2,500 years old.

“Quebec Junmai-ginjo sake is made from 60% polished rice and koji specially formulated to bring out the flavors and aromas that are traditionally found in Junmai – Japanese ginjo. Floral and pear aromas, acidity and residual sugars give it balance and refinement. The alcohol supports the flavors and brings a silky and pleasant texture in the mouth”, we learn in the press release sent by the company. 

Note that the brewery even manufactures its own koji (ferment ), to be able to control the whole mushroom propagation process that will produce the desired aromas and flavors. We will be able to find this very first sake from here on the shelves of the SAQ from April 2023.

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