“The Village: murders, fights, pride”: on the trail of homophobic crimes of the 90s

“The Village: Murders, Fights, Pride”: Tracing the Homophobic Crimes of the 90s

Did you know that, in turn of the 90s, 17 gay men were brutally murdered in Montreal? In the middle of Pride Month, the podcast The Village: Murders, Fights, Pride looks back on these homophobic crimes that shook the Village of the metropolis at the time.

So local LGBTQ+ communities were already struggling with AIDS, homophobia and police brutality, they are beginning to suspect that they too are in the crosshairs of a serial killer… These tragic disappearances trigger a fight for liberation. In this difficult context, pioneers will have to fight to be heard and assert their rights as well as those of their fellow citizens.

Through archives in particular, but also testimonies from LGBTQ+ activists of the time, some of whom had known the victims of hate crimes, we trace the thread of these little-known events. This podcast, carried by journalist Marie-Eve Tremblay, marvelously combines investigation and social history.

The Village: Murders, Fights, Prideis available for free on OHdio since June 7.

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