The VP of Young Pequistes l’Estrie leaves the ship

The vice-president of young Péquistes de l’Estrie, Jonathan Savard, leaves office. He who was known as press secretary candidate Guillaume Rousseau during the last provincial election campaign now wants to get involved as a citizen engaged at the municipal level.

“The Parti Québécois trademark is badly tainted,” said the 21-year-old, who has been VP for two years. During the election campaign, I noticed that voters were shutting down when talking about the PQ. We tried to talk to them about our good ideas, they were in agreement. They were in agreement with our program, but not with our party, “he said, adding that Guillaume Rousseau’s employment with the CAQ as advisor did not influence his decision.

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Mr. Savard describes the PQ as “a party whose name can not be pronounced”. “It was pretty much the same for young people. When we talk to them about independence, they are curious and interested, but when they hear the name of the PQ, they immediately drop out. ”

The second reason for Savard’s departure is the party structures. “That’s why the party can not renew itself. The PQ spent a lot of time in Montreal West, where we had no chance of winning. It’s because of the structures. I can not see how we can aspire to govern when we can not govern ourselves, “he says.

“During a convention I went to, the delegates voted against a resolution aimed at empowering the youth of the party,” he cites as an example.


For a few months, Jonathan Savard realizes that the municipal policy is more interesting than he thought. “It is often said that the federal government has the money, the provincial has the skills and the municipal has the problems. I think that the municipal also has a lot of solutions. As a committed citizen, I will continue to get involved in the municipal, “he says.

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