The weather is good in the land of Robert Robert

The weather is good in the country of Robert Robert

Robert Robert

The singer-songwriter Robert Robert is back with Welcome to the country, a second album quite on a par with his debut, the highly acclaimed Sillicon Villeray

There was something positive and particularly refreshing about the artist's first opus. With this second, Robert Robert proves that he has lost none of his magic touch, quite the contrary.  

His candid poetry, imbued with vulnerability, is introspective while being universal. It settles on music that is both dancing and melancholic.  

While allowing itself depth – reflections on human emotions, questions about life – the album unfolds most of the time in a catchy and exciting way.  

Several of the songs in Bienvenue au pays are destined to become veritable hymns to pleasure this summer. A perfect music to forget your worries, heal your anxieties. 

The artist has raised his art on this new album. His voice is still just as soft, but the singer has visibly gained in confidence, introducing more power and nuance to his breath.  

The musical production is also enriched. The singer knew how to surround himself with a team of fire. Talented directors like Hubert Lenoir and Félix Petit contribute to the arrangements. Vincent Roberge, alias Les Louanges, is part of his team of musicians. The artists Lumière and Fernie each sing on a track from the album, adding radiant new colors to Robert Robert's work.

Robert Robert will be performing at Studio TD as part of Les Francos on June 14.

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