“The Womansplaining Show”: what if feminism was a country…

“The Womansplaining Show”: what if feminism was a country”

Noémie Leduc-Roy and Anne-Sarah Charbonneau, from the “Womensplaining Show”

The mansplaining or mecsplication – when men explain to women what that they already know in a tone of superiority – we know. And, good news, women can patronize and womansplainer too!

That's the premise of The Womansplaining Show, comedians Noémie Leduc-Roy and Anne-Sarah Charbonneau, who wanted to create a space on stage where feminist, intersectional and inclusive humor is celebrated at its true value (and who, in an ideal world, would like to make feminism a country!).

“You are not born comedian-feminist-radical-anti-capitalist, you become one”, mentions Noémie Leduc-Roy about this project, which she perceives as a ” free psychotherapy”.

Men welcome

Each evening, The Womansplaining Show welcomes four different guests, women and people of sexual and gender diversity, who share a of their personal experiences and take advantage of it to demystify a feminist concept along the way. Catherine Éthier, Mona de Grenoble, Tranna Wintour, Garihanna Jean-Louis, Gabrielle Caron and Emna Achour, among others, all took part in the event recently.

Rest assured that the male sex is welcome to the Womansplaining Show, which is aimed at an audience of 13 years and over.

Launched at the Zoofest festival in 2021, < em>The Womansplaining Show has been a hit in Montreal and Quebec City in the fall, and a new series of performances will begin June 1st, and until the end of the year.

“It's rare that we find ourselves between women and people of sexual and gender diversity on the same show. It feels so good to share our experiences. I even think it was necessary”, advances for her part Anne-Sarah Charbonneau, who addresses on the boards subjects that she is used to repressing (repression of her homosexuality, fear of showing her hair, shame of have breasts…).

The complete schedule of the Womensplaining Show tour is available here, or on the Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages of the Leduc-Roy-Charbonneau tandem. A passport giving access to three shows, at a cost of $49, is also on sale.

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