“The worst scenario one could imagine”, says Me Rancourt

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Share November 4, 2020 8:19 a.m. Updated at 4:33 p.m. Share “The worst scenario you could imagine”, says Me Rancourt

Alain Goupil La Tribune From his home in Newport, Vermont, criminal lawyer Jean-Pierre Rancourt closely follows the conduct of the vote for the presidency of the United States. And what he has been observing since Tuesday evening does not please him at all.

The fact that neither Biden nor Trump have yet been declared the winners will create a climate of tension that risks escalating across the United States, fears the lawyer who has lived in Vermont for twenty years and who owns the dual Canadian-US citizenship.

“This is the worst scenario you could imagine. The polls were again wrong. Trump has already started to add fuel to the fire. He will cry out against fraud and injustice. The country will be even more divided. And all this will be collected in court. It's going to be awful! ” predicted Jean-Pierre Rancourt.

Me Jean-Pierre Rancourt Archives la tribune, Frédéric Côté

Like 66% of Vermont voters, Jean-Pierre Rancourt voted in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday. A result that is consistent with the support that the Democratic candidate has obtained from supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Personally, I couldn't vote for Trump. With all his escapades and tweets. For me, this guy is not a president, he is a madman… ”

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Even if Donald Trump received only 31% of the vote in Vermont, the latter can nevertheless count on colorful supporters, who do not hesitate to come forward when they feel the need.

“We saw them walking around the streets of Newport and at the marina this summer. They were almost a hundred with flags, placards and trumpets. They are able to be visible and loud. “

“For her, as for many people who own a business, they are terrified of the 'socialism' that the Democrats represent. “- Jean-Pierre Rancourt

This Trump-Biden division, Jean-Pierre Rancourt says living it daily within his couple and his in-laws … in a more civilized way.

“My wife Dena (Gray), who has been in business for several years, voted for Trump. For her, as for many people who own a business, they are terrified of the 'socialism' that Democrats represent with more taxes, more regulation.

“What they want is to be able to do business without having to keep the government running. “

Expenses and deficits

Born in Vermont to Quebec parents, Nicole Pouliot clings to a victory for Donald Trump in the coming hours.

“Here in Vermont, everyone votes Democrats… except me,” she laughs. Even though I knew Trump had no chance of winning here, I still hope he wins in the rest of the country. “

According to her, Donald Trump is the only candidate who can revive the country's economy in times of pandemic. “Democrats only know how to do one thing: spend and run deficits,” she said, vowing to closely monitor developments over the next few days.

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