Theater: in the hilarious chaos of “Limbo” by Amélie Dallaire

Th&eacute ;&àcirc;être: in the hilarious chaos of “Limbo” by Amélie Dallaire

The actors of the play “Limbo”

See the play Limbo is about letting yourself be carried away by the zany universe of Amélie Dallaire where disorder is king, but in which the mess can also help to build, organize and create.

Indeed, in this existential comedy that flirts with the absurd, the author and director demonstrates that creation can also emerge from inner chaos.

In an environment evoking that of a conference, Claude, Marie-Luc and Lothaire introduce themselves to the public, discuss their relationships and multiply the digressions. From the first moments, the public becomes attached to this accomplice trio which is not always easy to follow, let's agree.

If we cannot ignore its philosophical aspect, the work of Amélie Dalaire is above all light, original and hilarious. In the room of the Théâtre aux Écuries, laughter burst out everywhere (under the masks, of course). The acting of Karine Gonthier-Hyndman, Raphaëlle Lalande and Olivier Morin as well as the meticulously choreographed staging of Amélie Dallaire make this work truly hilarious.

How good it is to reconnect with live art in person (even masked and a bench away)!

The piece Limbo is presented at the Théâtre Aux Écuries until March 1st. Tickets are on sale here.

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