There are 100,000 more trees in Montreal than 10 years ago

There are 100,000 more trees in Montreal than 10 years ago

Since 2012, 100,000 trees have been planted on private and institutional land in Montreal. And this is just the beginning: the City wants to plant 500,000 trees by 2032 as part of its climate plan, a goal that seems realistic.

The City of Montreal will highlight this accomplishment at an event tonight in the company of various partners, including Soverdi, one of the organizations behind this mass planting. “It's a lot of emotions, a lot of pride,” comments Malin Anagrius, director of Soverdi. “It’s with great collaborations between the public, private and community sectors that we can reach such heights.”

The survival rate of these trees reaches 95%, according to Soverdi. To convince landowners to participate in planting, the City of Montreal largely funds their efforts.

“Our urban forest is an invaluable collective good and a wealth that we must protect at all costs, because it directly contributes to the quality of life of all of Montreal’s population,” said the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante. “Across the globe, more and more cities are recognizing the need for a forestry program to grow their urban forest.”

These trees were planted in 175 schoolyards, 65 institutions health and more than 100 parking lots and business lots. Montrealers also planted 25,000 as part of theA tree for my neighborhood initiative.

Beating the Heat

Disadvantaged neighborhoods in the east, southwest and center of Montreal received the lion's share of these 100 000 trees planted. Indeed, these areas often rhyme with heat islands. The presence of trees can reduce them, improve air quality, and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The goal remains to green the entire island. “Together we have the power to green two-thirds of the island. The more the business community is involved, the more we will succeed in making a significant difference for the community,” comments the General Manager of the Montreal Port Authority, Martin Imbleau.

Leafy Future

The goal of planting 500,000 trees by 2032 is proving “very realistic” according to Soverdi. Of these, 200,000 must be planted on private land. Over the past two years, 20,000 trees have been planted in these areas.

“But it’s not just the number of trees planted that matters,” says Anagrius. It’s not just a question of numbers, we must make sure to simply maximize the greening, especially where it’s really needed.”

A variety of 200 trees have been planted in Montreal . Several of them are maples, and fruit trees.

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