There would be a shortage of 100,000 homes to balance the market in Quebec

It 100,000 homes would be missing to balance the market in Quebec

Housing construction in Montreal.

Ottawa is called upon by the Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Quebec (APCHQ) to intervene quickly to improve the housing supply in Quebec and thus increase affordability for the population of the province.

The APCHQ has suggested a series of measures in which the federal government can directly contribute, in particular by increasing the number of construction sites, which according to estimates will decline by 19% in 2023

“The APCHQ thus estimates that there is currently a shortage of at least 100,000 homes in Quebec in order to simply restore market balance. For its part, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) says that an additional 630,000 units are needed by 2030 to return to affordability. In other words, the pace of construction starts should be doubled by the end of the decade,” said APCHQ President and CEO Maxime Rodrigue.

The organization also wishes to facilitate access to home ownership for young people by extending the maximum amortization period for insured mortgages, making the financial programs of RAP or CÉLIAPP intergenerational plans and relaxing the qualifications for a new loan. The APCHQ invites the federal government to invest in Quebec so that more energy-efficient homes are built.

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