Thierry Larose on a surge of “good tunes”

Thierry Larose on an élan of “good tunes”

Thierry Larose at home.

Thierry Larose launches this Friday Sprint, a second album more descriptive and deeper than his first, Cantalou. This time, he puts himself in the position of an observant witness to tell the stories of people he knows or invents, always with his unique pen.

This second album, created in a “sprint”, reflects a busy moment in the life of Thierry and the members of his band, who each have a musical project in addition to accompanying each other, in some cases, on tour or on record. Together, Lou-Adrianne Cassidy, Alexandre Martel (Anatole), Sam Beaulé (from the Gazoline group) and Charles-Antoine Olivier (aka CAO in the wounded group) like to call themselves the “Thunderband”.

“Our common schedule is chaotic”, laughs Thierry in an interview with Métroin the comfort of his apartment in Petite-Patrie. “As soon as we were available, we found the studio in the center of where we were each on the map of Quebec and we met there as quickly as possible. I showed them the tunes in the morning and we tried to get them for the evening. In total, the album was recorded in six different studios.  

Thierry Larose on a momentum of «good tunes»

Photo: JF Galipeau/Métro

A gang album 

Thierry likes the contrast between his very personal and meticulous writing, which he refines alone, and the recording of the music which is done in a very spontaneous and fluid way. To the team, he presents his chords, but everything remains very malleable, because “a song is alive”, believes the musician. 

“These are really performances that we hear on the disc. Many of the tunes were recorded in one take, no metronome, like we were doing a show in the studio. »  

A very good sign, because anyone who has ever seen these artists on stage knows that they put on quite a show! 

“It was so funto do, this album”, remembers the musician. For him, it was just important to have fun and love what he was doing in order to take the pressure off the second album, especially since he didn't expect to be so successful. with the first. 

To the pleasure of creating together was added for Thierry the extremely enriching nature of the experience. “The collective is so important, essential even. A good outside look, there is nothing like it. » 

 Thierry Larose on a burst of «good tunes» /></p>
<p>Photo: JF Galipeau/Métro </p>
<h3><strong>Down with cohesion!</strong> </h3>
<p>You hear all kinds of songs on <em>Sprint</em >. Some make you want to sing loudly, others to dance with friends. Some appear as invitations to get into a <em>mosh pit</em>, then still others to stick together for a <em>slow </em> with the loved one.  </p>
<p>Thierry Larose, a great music lover, loves all kinds of music. “I have no gender attachment. Not all of my favorite artists have a specific genre. It's the tune that comes first, that's the most important thing for me. »</p>
<p>Hence the idea of ​​this album, which he presents as a “good collection of good tunes”.  </p>
<p>No recorded song has been put aside. There is even a track, <em>Baleine et moi</em>, which we find in two versions on the album, since Thierry and his sidekick Alexandre Martel couldn't choose. “Both were good,” he explains simply.  </p>
<p>“I'm against concept albums where you don't include songs that don't fit. em>not with the chosen concept. I have a love-hate relationship with this idea of ​​cohesion. » </p>
<p>Thierry Larose prefers projects in which the musicians have allowed themselves to do whatever they wanted. </p>
<p> “I listened to The Beatles' <em>White Album</em> a lot during the making of <em>Sprint</em>,” he says, pointing to it, leaning against his dining room wall above his turntable. It's one of my favorite albums, precisely because it's chaotic, but very good. That's what I like. » </p>
<p>Finally, even without worrying about having a guideline, there is one that is born naturally. After all, for Thierry, an album is a good time marker, and this one represents his state of mind, his vision of the world at this precise moment of his existence. In writing, things come together in spite of him.  </p>
<p>Thierry Larose will present his album to the Montreal public on June 13 as part of the Francos. </p>

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