This wine bar offers free pasta and wine to runners

This wine bar offers free pasta and wine to runners

Your long walks in Montreal might be rewarded with a feast of pasta.

That's it, we've found the new reason to motivate you to run. The friendly Italian-inspired wine bar BarBara, located in Saint-Henri, offers to reward customers who come to visit it by running (or even walking) during the month of February.

The concept is simple while being very original. Walk or run to the BarBara. Once you arrive, show proof of your achievement (time, date, mileage) on your favorite sports app, then your hosts will offer you a drink or a meal depending on the distance you have traveled.

For a 5 km distance, you get the coffee of your choice (even the Pistacchio latte!, it is said).
For 10 km, the coffee of your choice and a Cacio e Pepe (small traditional Italian dish of pasta with cheese and pepper) to take away.
For 15 km, a Cacio e Pepe to take away and a can of wine.
For 20 km, a Cacio e Pepe to take away and a bottle carefully chosen by their sommelier Catherine Draws and
Finally, for the most athletic who will cover 50 km, the BarBara offers a well-watered dinner , “total!”.

To get these rewards, you must also follow the Instagram page @barbaravin_, then put your prize on your story in tagging the establishment.

The comments under the Instagram post show strong enthusiasm from customers ready to take up the challenge. stories shared by the bar show that some have already taken out their running shoes and are already enjoying their well-deserved pasta dish.

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