Tina Tuesdays!

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Tina Tuesdays!

The two Tuesday night Tina's (Brigitte Poupart and Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc) are certainly two of the most interesting characters of our television fall.

Share November 10, 2020 6:38 p.m. Share Tina Tuesdays! CHRONICLE / There is no more to the opposite than Tina Carpentier-Trudel of All Life and Tina Fournier of 5th rank . The first is authoritarian but benevolent; the second, perfidious, icy, Machiavellian. The two Tina's on Tuesday night on ICI Télé, one at 8 p.m., the other at 9 p.m., are certainly two of the most interesting characters of our television fall.

Head of education for a school for pregnant girls, Tina Carpentier-Trudel has not had it easy since the beginning of All Life . In search of her origins, she is confronted with her own status as a child adopted at each birth in Marie-Labrecque. “Tina is drowning in work. That's a lot, its vase is overflowing, ”notes its interpreter, Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc, who announces other major tragedies in the coming months.

Joined on the set between two scenes, the actress admits that she would probably be more severe than her character in real life. “I would tighten the screw a little more with them!” Tina, whom I love deeply, did not have children, and without taking herself for the mother of all these girls, takes a little bit of the maternal role. This benevolence is quite simply the extension of his heart. “

Written by Danielle Trottier and directed by Jean-Philippe Duval, All Life succeeded Unit 9 and took a little time to find its audience, before climbing to second place on the charts this season. A success that enchants Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc. “The first year, we installed another tone, another aesthetic, a subject that could have been too nested. Finally, the family, early childhood, motherhood, it reaches everyone. Last year, it was a lot what the girls experienced with their pregnancy, their fears, their apprehensions. This year it's much more focused on the extended family. ”

Tina Tuesdays!

Tina Carpentier-Trudel (Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc) has not had it easy since the beginning of All Life . Vero Boncompagni

Since young girls leave school after the birth of their child, Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc will often have little grief to do. “I find it very hard. We all fell in love with these young actresses, ”she says. The separation was particularly difficult when the character of Anaïs ended her life. “When I read his death in the texts, I started to cry. Then when I saw this episode on screen, I was inconsolable. I got very attached to Cassandra Latreille [her interpreter], who had such a bright presence on screen but also on set. ”

“We are proud to see them evolve on screen and then leave to continue their life afterwards. I am a real mom at heart! “- Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc

We know Tina's relationship of trust with Christophe (Roy Dupuis), who seems unshakable. But will the psychoeducator's brother (Jean-Nicolas Verreault) manage to poison these cordial relationships? We also wonder if Tina will see Thierry Bourbon (Patrice Robitaille), this mysterious and slightly twisted patron who seduced her in the first season. Without answering, Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc admits that Tina may have her hands full in the coming months.

The other Tina, the scary one …

Each of the appearances of Tina (Brigitte Poupart) in 5th row , her real name Agostina Fournier, gives shivers down your spine. The very presence of this woman who begins to lead off in Valmont manages to make those she meets tremble; she has shares in Marie-Luce and Pascal Faubert's company, she has got hold of Paul Langlois' garage … but what does she want? Now that we know that Guy Bérubé might have blackmailed him, the police are watching him.

It is not trivial that the authors Sylvie Lussier and Pierre Poirier, who previously signed 4 and a half … and L'auberge du chien noir , have chosen to entrust this role to a woman. “We thought it would be interesting in this patriarchal environment that is the mafia,” explains the author. 5th row is a series of strong women, starting with Marie-Luce [played by Maude Guérin]. With Tina, we wanted the dark counterpart of strength. All the scenes they have together are very profitable. “

We have yet to see anything of Tina's thirst for power and Machiavellianism, whom Sylvie Lussier compares to “a black widow in the middle of her web”. “We will discover that she has manipulated a lot of people to climb the ranks and crush her brothers in the family company.” Now, one of them will soon be released from prison and a power war will be played out between the two.

The 5th row fans were treated to a particularly hectic fall, resolutely turned towards police intrigue. While we thought we were dealing primarily with a family saga at the start, Sylvie Lussier admits to having let herself be taken by police investigations along the way.

“We stuck in our own nets! Honestly, we are jubilant, we have fun like children. It's the most complicated thing we've ever had to write: we mustn't tire people or burn our clues too quickly. It is demanding gymnastics. “- Sylvie Lussier

This dramatic turn proved them right since 5th rank appears most of the time in the 10 most watched shows, always above one million viewers.

It is the director Myriam Verreault who thought of Brigitte Poupart for the role of Tina, a perfectly judicious choice which enchants Sylvie Lussier. “This cold and Cartesian side was already in the character, but the actress amplifies this aspect even more. We walk with what the actors give us. That's what I like about long-term series, which allow us to go back and forth between writers and actors. We can build on the strengths of their proposal. Every time we see her, it's very inspiring. ”

Tina Tuesdays!

Brigitte Poupart perfectly embodies this cruel charm, this dangerous game which seems to amuse her a lot. HERE TV

In addition to the rapid transition from winter to summer, due to the stoppage of filming during the first confinement, you have to be finicky to notice that 5th row is subject to two meters of distance. “We have not sacrificed any dramatic framework. There won't be a scorching love scene, but it's not that bad. As we can turn outside, that helps us a lot, ”says Sylvie Lussier.

Tina Fournier is undoubtedly my favorite villain of the fall and makes me appreciate even more this series which left me a little cold at the beginning. Brigitte Poupart perfectly embodies this cruel charm, this dangerous game which seems to amuse her a lot. Sylvie Lussier assures us: she is here to stay!

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