Tinder cracks down on fake accounts

Tinder’attacks fake accounts

The famous dating app now offers a new feature to put an end to fake profiles once and for all. Verification by “video selfie” will allow members to prove their identity and the authenticity of their profile. They can then ask their matchs to do the same before they start flirting.

“With video verification, we're giving them an additional way to gauge the authenticity of their matches,” Tinder's VP of Security said in a statement. Rory Kozoll. For our members ages 18-25, being photo verified gives them an extra 10% chance of getting matches.”

Tinder attacks fake accounts

Credit: Tinder

So far, it was enough to send simple static photos which were then compared to those present on the profile of the member to obtain the blue badge of certification. From now on, you will have to send a series of short videos to have your profile validated. The objective of Tinder is thus to strengthen security measures to protect its members.

From now on it will also be possible to chat with “verified profiles only” by selecting this option in the message settings. In the coming months, the app will require all of its members to complete the latest version of photo verification where the “selfie video” option will be found. According to Tinder, almost 40% of its members have already verified their profile with a photo.

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