TLMEP: “a rush” as an outlet for everyone

TLMEP: “a slump» as an outlet for everyone

The character of François Plante in the Le Bonheur series, played by Michel Charette, is stumped.

Michel Charette experienced the “crash” that went viral as an outlet, for him and everyone, he explained on the set of Everyone talks about it, Sunday evening. The character he plays in the series Le bonheur, the French teacher, François Plante, quits everything because he is overworked.

The viral scene has traveled across Quebec. We see the character of the teacher, “on the edge”, shouting intensely at his class, and expressing his fed up with the different generations of students who follow one another in front of him, year after year. “And since you are the weakest generation the earth has ever known, we are simplifying your life by changing words that have been used for centuries,” shouts François Plante to his students. The actor indicates that this scene of great intensity had to be repeated “seven, eight times”. “It was the first scene of the day, hey, I had the whole day to do afterwards,” explains Michel Charette.

The author of the series Le bonheur , François Avard, explains that the scene filmed by the students goes viral in the series but it finally went viral in real life too.

Michel Charette says he is lucky with the positive feedback he has received. “It brought a breath of fresh air for a lot of people. Doctors, lawyers, janitors, young people, anyone, have written to me saying “thank you, it made me feel good”. I think that with the acute “ecoeurantide” that we have been living with the pandemic for 22 months, it has done a collective good for everyone.”

The actor explains that this moment of letting go represents what teachers live inside themselves, but never externalize. “All the teachers said 'we would never dare do that to a kid like that in our class. But how many have told me “I think about doing this almost every day”. It was an outlet,” explains Mr. Charette.

François Avard brushes aside the few criticisms he may have received for writing this scene, in particular Marc Assevi's column in La Presse. “Me, my job as an artist is to be someone who puts his finger on the bobo, and who annoys the well-meaning. It’s that in the time of the grumps, it’s still that now.[…] Marc would like us to watch television in a way, to write it in a way, but as an artist I will never be a civil servant of the scenario”, he defends himself.

District 31, the right stop

Michel Charette considers that it’s the right time to end the series. “We would be crazy to say that we did not expect it, there were rumors circulating. I think it was the right decision not to overdo the season. I look forward to this project with the feeling of accomplishment. This is the role of my career.”

Earlier this week, Radio-Canada and Aetios Productions announced the end of the very popular Quebec crime series District 31 . The last episode of the series will air on April 21.

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