TLMEP: an emotional year 2021

TLMEP: une year 2021 filled with emotions

Guy A. Lepage

Every year is the occasion for Everyone's Talking to retrospect the best moments of the show . Between music, cinema, literature, humor and pandemic, many guests came on the set to express their joys, their successes and sometimes their sorrows.

The retrospective of the last season of Everyone Talk about it started with Denis Villeneuve and his film Dune . The film, an adaptation of the science fiction novel of the same name, was a worldwide success. Moreover, a potential sequel is on the way. Another film attracted attention and tension as the film Aline , a fiction about the life of Celine Dion and directed by French actress Valérie Lemercier, suffered criticism from the close Dion family. The director defended her work that she wanted to be sincere. Fred Pellerin has adapted his tale The time snatcher at the cinema in which he is inspired by a difficult moment in his life, the death of his father.

Humorists in pandemic

TLMEP has seen many comedians on the show's set, as they have had to adapt to the pandemic due to theater closures and sometimes due to postponement or cancellation of tours. Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, came to present his very first show while Arnaud Soly found a new space of virtual expression. He has multiplied the direct on his Instagram account to keep in touch with his subscribers, including his last direct to date on “Tulum influencers”. He admitted that his parody of Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge in his chariot had taken him away from the networks because of the hatred he suffered. The actress, Ariel Charest, also found this stimulating virtual playground. She parodies personalities like Julie Snyder or Anne Dorval.

Guy Nantel, he went to rub shoulders with protesters against sanitary measures and made a new vox pop. He had also received a few attempts at intimidation.


The aboriginal cause came up several times on the show. Michel Jean, journalist and writer, made it possible to democratize the situation experienced by certain natives. His book Tiohtiáke depicts the homelessness of Indigenous communities in Montreal. This year also saw the light of truth and reconciliation in Canada.

Former Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien, was very clumsy during an interview with Guy A. Lepage since he confused the residential schools he attended in his youth with the residential schools where atrocities were perpetrated./p>

Hard times

TLMEP is a program that leaves room to express difficult but oh so necessary moments, this was the case for Monic Néron and Émilie Perreault's documentary on sexual violence, The Perfect Victim , or André Robitaille & rsquo; documentary La vie devant soi which tells the story of adolescents with cancer.

Former hockey player Stéphane Richer shared his moments of difficult lives that resulted in a suicide attempt. He said that not feeling good about yourself and being adored by the crowds was like a paradox.

Music softens manners

Each season is an opportunity for TLMEP to highlight musical news and give it pride of place. We will remember the performance of Hubert Lenoir for the presentation of his album, PICTURA DE IPSE. A performance at the same time dark, crazy and psychedelic of his song MTL STYLE LIBRE which does not leave marble. Another honorable mention for the group Salebarbes which crosses the Cajun repertoire, the performance of Cœur de pirate.

The year 2021 of Everyone talks about it has been turned upside down for many times, as with the departure of the King's Fool, Dany Turcotte. Remember that after 16 and a half years of programming, Dany Turcotte had expressed too many emotions and felt the need to say stop. Since then, at his post, personalities have taken turns, notably Anaïs Favron, Alexandre Barrette, Virginie Fortin or even Sam Breton.

The show starts again live on Sunday, January 16.

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