TLMEP: Duhaime wants to seduce all Quebecers

TLMEP: Duhaime wants to seduce ;educe all Quebecers

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, wants to position himself beyond conservative ideas and wants to “put water in his wine” to bring together Quebecers from all sides, he explained to the program Tout le monde en parle, Sunday evening.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, already has in mind the date of the Quebec general election of October 3, 2022. To shed the image of a politician supported by the radical right, Éric Duhaime, wants to bring together all Quebecers.

“When you get into politics, at some point you have to put water in your wine, not in the sense that you will dilute your ideas. I will always have the ideas and a common thread. That being said, I want to be the premier of all Quebecers. We must succeed in uniting and bringing Quebecers together, and that is what we have been missing for two years. We lacked dialogue and debate,” maintains the Conservative leader, Éric Duhaime.

“When you join a political party, it is not a religion. There can be a diversity of opinion and I respect that,” he added. He implies that people affiliated with Québec solidaire want to join him.

Present on set, the co-holder of the UNESCO Chair in the Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism, David Morin, questioned Éric Duhaime on the strong support he gets from the far right. The main interested party defended himself by explaining that it was necessary to differentiate Canada from Quebec, and that in the demonstrations in Quebec, there was nothing radical.

He also considers that his place is not to be in the middle of the demonstrations, as does the leader of the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier. “My role is to be inside the National Assembly, it's not a protest organizer. My role is to be a transmission belt.”

The Pandemic with Éric Duhaime

Éric Duhaime has been critical of the management of the pandemic by the government of François Legault. However, he did not present or little presented the alternative ideas that he would have put in place if he were Prime Minister, despite several reminders from the host Guy A Lepage.

Regarding its pandemic management, there would have been no sanitary measures. The leader of the Conservative Party limited himself to wanting to trust the intelligence of Quebecers and protect the most vulnerable. For the situation in hospitals in December 2021 due to the arrival of the Omicron variant, it would have “decentralized the health system and used the private sector”.

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