TLMEP: Hillary Clinton, Novelist

TLMEP: Hillary Clinton, Novelist

Louise Penny and Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State and defeated Democratic presidential candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton, was at Everybody's talking about it on Sunday accompanied by her friend, Canadian author Louise Penny to present State of Terror, the book they co-wrote.

The interview was done by videoconference. Mrs. Clinton was at home in New York and Mrs. Penny, she, in Knowlton, in the Eastern Townships. It is in this way, from a distance, that the two women collaborated to write their book which will be published on March 10.

Even if they have been friends for a long time, they are their respective agents who suggested that they write a book together. Mrs. Clinton had never written fiction and Mrs. Penny had never written with anyone.

TLMEP: Hillary Clinton, Novelist

Photo taken from Everyone's talking about it on Facebook

A fiction inspired by reality

State of Terror is a political thriller based largely on Hillary Clinton's experience in the political arena. The former Secretary of State shared her ideas, formed from observation and lived practice, with the author who managed to include them in a fictional story.

The basic idea of ​​the novel is also inspired by Mrs. Clinton's greatest nightmare from her time as Secretary of State, which was that nuclear weapons fall into the hands of terrorists, she said.

State of Terror has middle-aged women as protagonists. The men they meet tend to underestimate them or look down on them. Hillary Clinton said she believes that is still the case today in politics. The characters are based on women she knows.

A male character in the novel is inspired by Russian President Vladimir Putin who Hillary Clinton observed in the past. In connection with the recent attacks he is currently leading against Ukraine, the former Democratic candidate called him a dangerous bully. She denounced those who support him and invited people to oppose him.

Louise Penny, for her part, gave all the money from her Russian publisher to a cause to support the Ukraine.

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