TLMEP: Mental health: it's urgent

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TLMEP: Mental health: it's urgent

We felt both the urgency and the dedication in the speech of Ms. Labelle, to whom I awarded my star of the match.

Share November 8, 2020 Updated November 9, 2020 at 6:51 am Share TLMEP: Mental health: it's urgent CHRONICLE / The tragedy of October 31 in Quebec City and worrying mental health issues have colored some of Everyone's conversations talk about it , Sunday evening. More than two hours of live television, where it was also about the American elections, polarizing and strong in emotion.

General Director of the Refuge des jeunes de Montréal, France Labelle deals with mental health problems every day. Out of 30 residents at the Refuge, 14 present with psychotic disorders, some of whom are probably schizophrenic, without receiving treatment. “Mental health should not be the responsibility of the police and public security, but of teams that support young people,” believes France Labelle, convinced that we should prevent rather than wait for the crisis. “We have never had this kind of tragedy, they are more often dangerous for themselves than for others”, she wanted to emphasize, so that we do not put all cases in the same basket. We felt both the urgency and the dedication in the speech of Ms. Labelle, to whom I awarded my star of the match.

At her side, Amy Gingras believes that her brother Frédérick, who killed two people in 2016 during a murderous run, did not receive the help he needed, despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia. She deplores a lack of mental health resources and endless waiting lists. The young woman communicates very little with her brother but notices a marked improvement in his condition since he was detained in a psychiatric hospital. “I have the impression that I am talking to a child,” she notes, however.

Facilitate access to care. This is what Lionel Carmant wants to achieve by injecting an additional 100 million in mental health, specifically in times of a pandemic. Much awaited by the two previous guests, the Minister for Health and Social Services recalled that access to the 811 telephone line was made easier for people in distress. He also notices that half of the people who need care don't ask for it, probably out of shame. Mr. Carmant stresses the importance of making mental health prevention in schools, a program he is proud to have established.

Quite an adventurer this Guillaume Dulude. In the Tribal series on TV5, he comes into contact with distant tribes, with the greatest respect and by complying with all their rules. Including by accepting their food, even if we are talking about curds or baboon palms! Listening is much more important than verbal expression for this sympathetic doctor of neuropsychology. Aware of the risks he takes, he was far from suspecting that he was allergic to bees, when he collected honey from the hollow of a tree with the Hadzabés of Tanzania, an expedition that went very badly.

“Who is this Joe Biden?” wondered Valérie Beaudoin on Saturday evening when she saw the future American president appear on stage, who had not accustomed us to so much vigor. According to the researcher associated with the Raoul-Dandurand Chair, Donald Trump's strategy of inviting his supporters not to vote by mail backfired and favored his rival. “People are afraid of what's to come,” says La Presse columnist Laura-Julie Perreault, referring to the “deafening silence” and “strange” of the base of Donald Trump. Although the fear of socialism is still present in the United States, it still points out that more than half of millennials are supporters, creating a generational break.

At 78, Michel Tremblay is launching his 71st publication, the novel Victoire! , on the blossoming of an incestuous love between two recurring characters in his work, Victoire and Josaphat. He has just received his best health check in several years, but has to accept certain consequences, in particular his deafness. “There is nothing that I like more in the world than to make these women speak”, he says of the gossipers who animate the card parts of his work. “Even in my saddest pieces, there are loud laughs, which most of the time come from women.” He remains very critical of the Catholic religion, which has “kept us 250 years in ignorance”. “I refuse to be a sage!” affirms Michel Tremblay in reference to the expression of François Legault during the first confinement. In a few days, he will be heading back to Key West for a 30th consecutive winter.

Until last year, the journalist Félix Séguin had as a source Andrew Scoppa, important drug trafficker and former acting head of the Montreal mafia, assassinated in October 2019. “The story was so big and good, that we calculated that it was worth taking the risk, ”says Félix Séguin, who recounts this special relationship in a book called The Source and in the documentary Scoppa et moi . If he has publicly disclosed his source, it is because Scoppa gave him the opportunity to do so, in the event of his death. “He was aware of his own purpose,” he says. Félix Séguin saluted the memory of journalist Michel Auger, who died last week, to whom “we owe a lot.” Recalling the attack which almost cost him his life, Séguin considers that “he paid a high price”. “Organized crime has no interest in attacking whoever holds the pencil,” he said.

Émile Bilodeau concluded the show in a good way with his accomplice Nathan Vanheuverzwijn at the piano. “There is a way to ensure the secularism of the State without removing economic power from minorities who are already subjected to a derogatory look,” said Bilodeau, questioned on Law 21. “It would be boring if we were all the same. If we all believed in the same sun, ”sang the duet on the title Freddie Mercury .

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TLMEP: Mental health: it's urgent

Émile Bilodeau concluded the show in a good way with his accomplice Nathan Vanheuverzwijn at the piano. Karine Dufour

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