TLMEP: Sarahmée breaks the silence on the death of her brother Karim Ouellet

TLMEP: Sarahmée breaks the silence on the death of her brother Karim Ouellet 

Rapper Sarahmée for her new album, Russian Doll.

For the first time since the tragic death of her brother Karim Ouellet, rapper Sarahmée broke the silence by returning to the painful event that shook her family during her interview on the show Everyone talk about it broadcast live on Sunday evening.

“It's hard to find the words. There really isn't a word for that loss. We cling to music, beautiful things, beautiful memories and I have him [Karim] with me all the time,” she said

Karim Ouellet was found dead. in his accommodation in Quebec City on January 17. A coroner's inquest is still ongoing to elucidate the circumstances surrounding his death.

As soon as his death was announced, the singer received a shower of tributes. “I knew that people loved my brother, but at that point… It crossed the oceans!”, underlined his sister Sarahmée to Everyone talks about it.

The rapper was invited on the set of the show, because she has just launched a music video with Fouki for the song Quand la route est longue, taken from her recent album Russian Doll. His release had been postponed due to the death of his brother.

Sarahmée, who is a judge on the show The End of the Weakof Télé-Québec, also reiterated how much she did not like the expression “female rap” which, according to her, is pejorative. She is of the opinion that this concept simply does not exist and that a woman who raps raps just like a man. 

< p>Generating music reminds viewers “beware, it's a woman!”


Hope by Dany Laferrière

Was also on the Dany Laferrière show for his new comic book On the road with Bashō. In this work, which will be available in bookstores across Quebec this week, the writer of Haitian origin pays homage to one of his inspirations, the 17th century Japanese monk-poet Bashô.

Questioned on the recent controversies surrounding the “Word in N” and its use, the guest writer in particular implied that it would be impossible to rename his famous novel How to make love to a nigger without getting tiredas was that of Agatha Christie They were ten.

“Are we going to put an end to racism one day?” asked Guy A. Lepage. To which Dany Laferrière replied full of hope that we would be obliged to. “At some point, you're going to learn that you have to stop judging someone by their color,” he said.

The other guests on set were the host trio by The evening is (still) young, Jean-Philippe Wauthier, Olivier Niquet and Jean-Sébastien Girard, who will bow out on May 8; actress Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, who plays roles in the series Lac-Noir, Classé secret, Survivre à ses enfants and the voice of Mamanie in the cartoon Bébéatrice; the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, and the spokespersons for the new microbrewery beer merchant Tite Frette, Gildor Roy who will host season 3 of La tour, and Michel Barrette .

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