TLMEP: the health contribution rather than the vaccination obligation, says Legault

TLMEP: the health contribution rather than the vaccination obligation, says Legault

The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, in an interview with TLMEP.

The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, explained that the health contribution is preferred to the vaccination obligation for questions of legal application on the set of Everyone talks about it, Sunday evening.

François Legault says he does not share the position of French President Emmanuel Macron, who said he wanted to “fuck the unvaccinated”. He recalls that intensive care is filled with 50% of unvaccinated people while there are approximately “600,000 unvaccinated adults”. This is why the health contribution will be presented to the National Assembly, it is intended as an incentive for vaccination. “I'm not going that far [fuck the unvaccinated], what we want is to give them an incentive.”

“People who are not vaccinated put other Quebecers at risk, that's why we say 'you should pay a fine'. […] Given that they bring a burden to the health network, I think it is normal that they pay a contribution. […] This is a risk for all people who have their surgeries postponed, ”explained François Legault. This measure will be debated in the National Assembly and the bill should be tabled in early February.

“Living with the virus means living with the most vaccinated people. […] The unvaccinated pose a great challenge. We want to try to reach these people,” he adds.

The vaccination obligation, a legal difficulty

As of January 24, the vaccination passport will be required for customers in supermarkets over 1,500 sq. ft. other than food (like a Canadian Tire for example). The imbroglio put forward by Guy A. Lepage is to say that an unvaccinated worker will be able to work in the supermarket, but if he wishes to shop there he will not be able to since he does not have a vaccination passport.


The Prime Minister indicates that the measure of a vaccination obligation has been set aside for legal reasons. “We fall into a legal question. Currently, citizens have the right to work, have the right to earn a living. To tell a person who works at the SAQ or in a supermarket, “you can't work anymore”, it’s, currently, legally, not possible to compel a person, to tell them “you lose your job”.

Close to applying it in the health network, “the lawyers told us, “it’s borderline to force nurses to be vaccinated.”

PSPP doubts the effectiveness of Legault’s health contribution

The leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon, present on the show doubts the effectiveness and would like experts to analyze it. “A priori, I have doubts as to the effectiveness of this measure. When we take health measures, it is to reduce the number of hospitalizations. Will this financial punitive measure that will be in the tax return next year really increase the rate of vaccination and decrease hospitalizations? I doubt it. […] I would like some experts to tell us if this is the best measure or if there are more effective ones in the short term. Because what matters is reducing deaths and hospitalizations.”

The PQ leader took advantage of his visit to announce the riding in which he will be running in the next provincial election. “My reflection is over, I will present myself in Montreal in the county of Bourget. […] The battle for the language is happening in Montreal and the Parti Québécois must be present in Montreal for the trend to change.”

“The next few weeks will continue to be difficult,” predicts Legault

Despite the fact that the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, saw “the light at the end of the tunnel”, he specifies that the next few weeks will continue to be difficult. However, he announced positive preliminary figures for Monday's COVID report, where “hospitalizations will be below 100”.

Most non-essential businesses are still closed in Quebec, including bars and restaurants. However, the patience of these businesses is wearing thin as some have planned to reopen at the end of the month, despite the bans. The Prime Minister has prioritized children and their return to school. “We watch it every day. The priority was the children. Unfortunately, you will have to be careful for several weeks. […] I am proud to say that Quebec is one of the places where we have closed the least.”

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