TLMEP: the other Adib Alkhalidey

Richard Therrien The SunTLMEP: the other Adib Alkhalidey

TLMEP: the other Adib Alkhalidey

It was certainly Adib Alkhalidey, now singer-songwriter, who offered the most candid interview of the evening.

Share November 15, 2020 Updated November 16, 2020 at 4:00 a.m. Share TLMEP: the other Adib Alkhalidey CHRONICLE / Sunday to Everyone talks about it , it was about domestic violence, the Far Web, the catastrophic situation of restaurants and hotels and the discovery of a vaccine against COVID-19. But it was certainly Adib Alkhalidey, now singer-songwriter, who offered the most candid interview of the evening.

To launch his first album, the comedian first wanted to hide behind the pseudonym Abelaïd, but ended up revealing himself. An “exit from the closet” for the artist, who feared losing friends by revealing himself thus. The work is dark, far from the character we know. A melancholy that has nothing to do with confinement, but because “all comedians have a melancholy side”, he recalls. “In humor, you're always all alone. […] A loneliness which is violent somewhere. In music, you meet people every step of the way. “

We felt he was shaken when it was about the fall of Julien Lacroix after allegations of sexual misconduct. “I haven't finished my mourning with this story. I try to weigh my words, remain modest with all that, ”replied the comedian, who had a“ fraternal relationship ”with Lacroix. Asked to comment on Radio-Canada's temporary decision to withdraw an episode of La petite vie because it featured a cartoonish African character, Adib Alkhalidey replied that it was the result of a lack of real debate on the issue of racism. “We've been waiting for years for concrete measures to reconcile racialized people, natives, immigrants with Quebec, white people. There is nothing that is done in a concrete way, ”he said in a feeling of passion and passion.

Received with kindness by the host and his madman of the king, Elisabeth Rioux showed herself to be calm, after a week in turmoil. The influencer and entrepreneur denounced her ex-spouse on Instagram for domestic violence. She spoke privately with Geneviève Pettersen, who apologized for the comments that ignited social networks, comments made to LCN, then to QUB radio with Benoît Dutrizac. “Usually, Dutrizac has judgment,” said Dany Turcotte ironically. Elisabeth Rioux did not intend to openly open up about what she had been through, but a particularly virulent post from her ex was the straw that broke the camel's back. Touched by the flood of messages from women victims of domestic violence – she received 40 per second! – she does not feel able to advise them. She wanted to ask for help herself, but saw an obvious lack of resources. “They always had a good reason for not being able to help.” Today, she wants more than anything to get back to a normal life and return to this job that she loves so much.

“We asked social networks to manage themselves and it does not work, it's the Wild West,” said the Minister of Heritage, Steven Guilbeault from the outset. With Bill C-10, he sets out to force the web giants to do their fair share. The resulting future investments in Canadian production could reach $ 830 million annually. He is also working to ensure that GAFAMs pay royalties to news content producers, as in Australia and France, which adopt two very different models. With what journalists here produce, Facebook would make more than 300 million profits per year in advertising. “And we are not talking about Google,” said the minister. Mr. Guilbeault is hopeful that the GST will be imposed on the web giants from the next budget, without however being able to ensure it.

Among the first to start filming a series last summer, François Morency and his two “parents” Marie-Ginette Guay and Vincent Bilodeau were being looked at like laboratory rats by the industry. “We were so scared of not working,” said Marie-Ginette Guay, who, like her colleagues, accommodated the severe restrictions on the filming of Discussions with my parents . The images of the kiss through a plexiglass were a good illustration of the efforts that a film crew must make in times of COVID. François Morency took the opportunity to announce a fourth season of Discussions , which attracts 1,165,000 followers every Monday evening on ICI Télé. “You are like my father!” Vincent Bilodeau is told by people of all origins, a sign that the subject is universal. For Morency, the series keeps the memory of his parents alive when they were at their best.

Even if it is far from being won, I was rather reassured by the very interesting discussion on the new vaccine against COVID-19. Journalist Yanick Villedieu and director of the Laboratory for Research on the Host Response to Viral Infections at the CHUM Research Center, Nathalie Grandvaux, offered rather convincing explanations while remaining very cautious about its effectiveness. “We could have a great disappointment,” warns Mr. Villedieu. The duo do not believe that we come to require proof of vaccination everywhere we go, except perhaps when traveling, believes Nathalie Grandvaux. Yanick Villedieu thinks that too much importance is given to anti-vaccines, considering that “the vaccination rate rises to 95%”.

Christiane Germain, who will occupy the central chair in In the Eye of the Dragon in the spring, is calling for emergency help from the government for the tourism and hotel industry. “It's not to make money, it's just to lose a little less”, explains the co-president of Germain Hotels, who points out that the help received so far is not enough, compared to the huge fixed costs of keeping businesses alive. Director General of the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec, Liza Frulla denies the preconceived idea that hoteliers are all Americans, while they are predominantly Quebecers. “The population is ready to follow when it makes sense,” said the former minister, who raised some inconsistencies when closing museums by keeping shopping centers open.

Moment of grace to end with Beyries, who has just launched the album Encounter , of which she composed the 11 tracks. It was Alexandra Stréliski who established the order of the songs. Sunday, she chose Closely , “a warm, sweet song. We need this, ”she said. A service that certainly made many want to rush to this new opus.

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TLMEP: the other Adib Alkhalidey

Moment of grace to end with Beyries, who has just released the Encounter album. Screenshot HERE TV

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