TLMEP: the postponement of Star Académie is justified

TLMEP: the postponement of Star Academy is justified

Jean-Philippe Dion, producer of Star Académie.

“Quebec’s biggest show, Star Académie, was delayed two weeks by COVID-19, but its producer Jean-Philippe Dion prefers a postponement rather than a stop during the show, he explained in an interview with Everyone talks about it, Sunday evening.

Star Académie announced this week the postponement for a second time of its show because of 10 cases of COVID-19 among the candidates. Even if moving the two-week show costs millions of dollars, affects the teams and the international artists invited, the postponement is justified explains Jean-Philippe Dion. He wants to start the show on a sound footing rather than take the risk of having to stop it along the way.

We could have presented a < em>show tonight, but it would have been a very bad show with two three candidates on stage, two three at the hotel. It’s really a drastic choice. As long as we start, we'll start right. We're going to have a real good first showof variety so that these young people live their dreams as they wanted to live them.

Jean-Philippe Dion, producer of Star Académie

Indeed, the candidates are currently at the hotel and are chomping at the bit. “There are no serious cases, everyone has symptoms, no one is in hospital. Everyone is capable of living their life, but it’s the morale that isn’t easy. […] It’s not easy for them, they arrived on January 3 with their suitcases thinking “we have a chance of entering the academy to do the biggest show of variety in Quebec”. And finally, they have been in their rooms for three weeks waiting for their dreams,” explains Jean-Philippe Dion.

The director of the academy, Lara Fabien, would also have fallen ill, but Jean-Philippe Dion cannot confirm. “I can't talk about the state of health of people like that, the same goes for the candidates, we haven't named them. What we know is that everyone has a vaccine passport to enter film sets. It’s more complicated to return to Star Académie than to a prison.

However, the production was cautious on several levels since the candidates had to respect preventive isolation before the start of the show and all seem to be triple vaccinated, according to Jean-Philippe Dion. “From what we are told, it’s a lot of the rest of the holiday season, it’t took a week or even a week and a half to develop the symptoms. […] They all have their third dose, these young people.”

Karim Ouellet put to honor on the show?

Karim Ouellet, a recently deceased musical artist, reportedly expressed his intention that one of his songs become the theme of the show. What the producer, Jean-Philippe Dion, is quite open to if the agreement with the family is found. “We called people around him to get our hands on this song. But we don't know if Karim was happy with the song, so before we do anything we want to make sure that the entourage can confirm that Karim was proud. Obviously, it would be an honor for us to be able to sing it on stage.”

The show will begin next Sunday and end in April assures Mr. Dion. “It’s safe safe safe.”

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