Tootsy, queer sex on OnlyFans

Tootsy, queer-sex on OnlyFans&nbsp ;

Tootsy's number one passion is music. But in order to make ends meet, the 24-year-old started producing erotic content on OnlyFans last December.  

The artist who has just released a second queer synthpop album had been thinking about it for a long time, but he hadn't dared to take the plunge until recently. While he cites his young age and the fact that he is still “photogenic” to explain his decision, Tootsy also mentions the current inflation. 

“With everything becoming more expensive, I I said to myself: I'll try and if it pays off, so much the better.” 

Being busy with a move and preparing for a show, among other things, he admits that he does not devote enough time to his OnlyFans account, which explains, according to him, that his subscribers are still few. The ideal way to grow your audience would be to invest 10 to 15 hours a week creating content on the platform, he believes. 


Before launching on OnlyFans, Tootsy sought advice from acquaintances already involved in creating content on this platform. 

“[The advice received] was all benevolent. It was mostly marketing advice, like in any other job where you have to promote yourself,” he says.

Technically, it's not too far from my musical practice, because I don't have an agent.


While those around him are likely aware that he produces content on OnlyFans, Tootsy initially removed his family members from Twitter and Instagram. “I promote my [sexual] stuff on it and I know it’s not content they necessarily want to see.”

The audience he targets is mainly male, but some girls are still among his subscribers. “It’s very inclusive, anyone can subscribe. I'm going to love you all,” he laughs. 

At the moment, the videos he features on OnlyFans are limited to solo sex, but the creator plans to soon to have “collaborators”. 

Tootsy, queer-sex on OnlyFans 

Photo: Courtesy, Tootsy

A character 

The artist obviously wondered if creating sexual content on OnlyFans could hurt his fledgling music career, but since Tootsy is a character and doesn't represent his true self, he's not too worried. “It doesn't represent who I am. I am not my OnlyFans, he argues. At worst, what people will criticize will be my image and I think I'm able to protect myself.” 

With this pop singer character with a glam and androgynous look, Tootsy has released an EP and two albums, the latest of which is titled The Beginning of a Festival. His priority remains his musical career. 

“[OnlyFans] expands my character into another area, so it can fetch another world and the two audiences will eventually come together” , he thinks. 

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