Top 10 Quebec books of 2022

Top 10 books that ;bécois de 2022

2022 was rich in good Quebec novels.

With their careful writing, the authors from here know how to rock us with their prose, seize us in the stomach thanks to the tensions and suspense, make us shed tears by identifying an evil that is familiar to us, shock us by exposing us to the unknown or calm us down by remembering what really matters to us. Novels, essays, collections of poetry or children's literature: because these books made us vibrate, Métro journalists consider them to be the best of the year.

An extraordinary woman by Catherine Ethier (Stanké)&nbsp ;

 Top 10 Quebec books of 2022


We knew the columnist with her flamboyant and inimitable verve. This year, we discovered the equally colorful novelist with An Extraordinary Woman. The admirers of Catherine Ethier find there – and savor – her characteristic sharp sense of the formula. The woman in the title is the semi-known cultural columnist Corinne Gazaille. Through this alter ego, the author takes an incisive look at the glamorization of public figures and the veneration to which they are the object.  

If humor is a component intrinsic to her pen, Catherine Ethier tackles in her book, without getting entangled in the flowers of the carpet (to borrow an expression that she could use), very dark subjects – suicidal ideation, depression, financial problems – while scratching the star-system. However, the earthy pen of Catherine Ethier makes An extraordinary womana resolutely exhilarating read, during which one cannot help but hear her eloquently recount the vicissitudes of Corinne. 

— Caroline Bertrand  

Walking in a whisper by Nelly Desmarais (Le Quartanier) 

Top 10 Quebec books of 2022

Le Quartanier

First collection of poetry by Nelly Desmarais, Walk in a whisper tells Hochelaga in all its forms. The author transposes the suffering she felt at the time of her move to the neighborhood and which seemed to resonate with that experienced by her neighbors.  

Evoking the memory of the places, Nelly Desmarais delves with her poems into her own history, but also into that of the neighborhood, including the tragic fire at the Laurier Palace cinema in January 1927, which claimed the lives of 77 children. 

In the poems Portrait-robot and Déposition, she discusses an attempted rape she suffered a few years ago and the procedures through which she had to go. thereafter. 

Despite these dark subjects, the beauty is still there, Nelly Desmarais' pen being skilful and limpid. A poet to discover, therefore. We can't wait for her to do it again! 

— Jason Paré 

Penancesby Alex Viens (August Horse) 

Top 10 Quebec books of 2022

Horse of August

Penances, the first book by Alex Viens, immerses us in a father-daughter relationship where second chances are exhausted and where family traumas are part of the DNA. The novel tells the story of Jules, 24, who visits her father, Denis, whom she has not seen for ten years.  

The goal? Give him a small box whose contents we don't know, then leave. But Denis is happy to see his daughter again. And Denis will succeed in convincing her to stay and spend the evening. Despite a spagat dinner and a few beers that suggest the potential for a relationship, the true nature of Denis, an unpredictable old tyrant, will come back at a gallop, as he always knew how to do. 

Alex Viens, with his raw writing, his strong images and his familiar tone, immerses us in a quasi-camera where rage, rage, is perhaps a reason to hurt yourself. 

— Arianne Lebreux-Ebacher 

Submersible by Carolanne Foucher (Editions de Ta Mère) 

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Éditions de Ta Mère

Submersible, the latest collection of narrative poetry by Carolanne Foucher, begins tragically with the suicide of a lover. From there, the author tells a moving story of mourning and reconstruction marked by visits to the shrink, a new attempt at love and the rereading of notes in the cell phone. 

Despite the harshness of the subject, one cannot help devouring each page, savoring each word. The simple, sincere and sensitive pen of the author, who indulges in romanticism and humour, offends and comforts in turn, sometimes at the same time. 

Beautiful and overwhelming, she manages to convey a little light in the dark, to give the feeling that you can get your head out of the water even when you feel completely submerged. 

— Jules Couturier 

The Mechanics of Desiresby Melody Nelson (Ink Castle) 

Top 10 books from Quebec 2022

Ink Castle

Mélodie Nelson signs a third book that focuses on all these encounters that made her the woman she is today. Although she has a degree in literary studies and has had a career as an accomplished pen-and-ink author for the past dozen years, it is rarely as a writer that she is first presented.  &nbsp ;

It's because she worked as an escort in her twenties, a profession which incidentally gave its title to her first book and which punctuates her new autobiographical novel. 

Through the pages of The Mechanics of Desires, Mélodie Nelson's love of words is felt almost as much as her need to be sexually fulfilled. Regularly referring to literature – from Marguerite Duras to an essay on pornography – but also to her notebooks, her passion pierces the pages like the chlorine smell of her condom bin.   

— Constance Cazzaniga 

In the Land of Quiet Despair by Marie-Pierre Duval (Stanké) 

< p>Top 10 books qué kiss of 2022


Marie is a researcher who has become a television producer on large sets. Unstoppable at first, she knew she was on the edge of a precipice and sank, at 41, exhausted by her responsibilities, suffocating under the weight of expectations, meritocracy and efficiency. 

< p>Marie-Pierre Duval recounts in a romantic flow her major life change through an inspired, fine, intelligent pen, combining humor and sensitivity. Lucid, the author takes an incisive look at the performance society that has swallowed her up, and which even rules her friendships.  

After her fall, she learns to find the woman that she was before becoming an accomplished producer and a mother fuel to the lists of tasks to be completed, to taste again what she calls “the Delicious” of the life. 
— Caroline Bertrand 

Heavy Weight by Daniel Bélanger (Red Herbs) 

Top 10 books from Quebec cois de 2022

Les Herbes rouges

You knew Daniel Bélanger as a musician who rocks with his melodies. In Poids heavy, you find the one who rocks with his words.  

The artist, who released his 11th opus this year, unveiled his first collection of poetry at the end of the summer. Collection inspired by pigs on their way to the slaughterhouse, Heavyweightis a light and heavy reading at the same time, perfect while drinking a coffee, simple daily pleasure underlined in the collection.  

Heavy weight, these are 95 pages of words that testify to the existence, meaning or nonsense of life, paradoxes and small pleasures. A roadtrip in the thought of this poet which has the effect of the fresh wind of an open window on the highway. 

“Writing to feel alive. From then on, apprehend my own absence and immediately stop writing.” 

— Arianne Lebreux-Ebacher 

The boy with the feet at the back by François Blais (Fides) 

Top 10 Quebec books of 2022


Last book by the late François Blais — who has completed his writing a few weeks before his death, last spring —, The Boy with Upside-Down Feet is one of those youth novels that we devour even as adults thinking how much we would have liked to have had it in the hands of adolescence. Never infantilizing, the author uses a rich vocabulary and does not hesitate to include more mature references, such as to the Belgian serial killer Marc Dutroux, without them being too extensive or indecipherable. 

Skillfully combining investigation and paranormal phenomena, the story is first and foremost one of friendship. Adrienne, the main character, navigates between this fusional attraction that we feel when bonds are born and this total rejection of the other that we can develop when a new friendship takes over. She will have to act quickly, because time may be running out for her young neighbor, who disappeared when Adrienne preferred her new girlfriend.  

— Constance Cazzaniga 

< h3>Similar Stories by Michel-Olivier Gasse (Station T)  

Top 10 books from Quebec cois of 2022

Station T

The author and musician Michel-Olivier Gasse, half of the Saratoga group, offers a tasty book to read and reread for music lovers. In the form of short slices of life, the music lover recounts his attachment to certain albums intimately linked to significant moments. Without ever pontificating on the artists populating his memories, he transmits his love of music with complicity and a casualness tinged with humor and tenderness. 

When, like him, we see in music an unfailing companion around which our memories are built, his words move us and resonate in the depths of our being. When you also have a weakness for the turntable, like him, you only vibrate more. “I'm at peace with my five-foot-three, seasonal belly and remaining hair, as long as I have a turntable, a garden, a few beers and blue eyes to lose myself in,” he wrote.   

— Caroline Bertrand 

Jean Leloup: great moments of lucidity by Olivier Boisvert-Magnen (Les Malins) 

Top 10 Quebec books of 2022

Les Malins

In this book of more than 300 pages full of photos, testimonials and tasty anecdotes, the author reviews the entire career of Jean Leloup, this legendary figure of Quebec music.  

The journalistic work necessary to dive in depth into more than 30 years of career is admirable, especially when it is so incredible. Music geeks, of which Olivier Boisvert-Magnen is obviously one, will be delighted to know the very technical details relating to the creation of several legendary pieces by the musician. Readers more interested in the human dimension of the character will discover an artist who is both inspiring and frustrating.  

In diving back into this universe, we understand how important it was that an entire book is devoted to the phenomenon, a book with an exploded presentation, full of colors and patterns, like the one who inspired it. 

— Jules Couturier 

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