“Tortilla Slap Challenge”: the wacky challenge of the hour on TikTok!

“Tortilla Slap Challenge”: the goofy challenge of the hour on TikTok!

The Tortilla Slap Challenge is like a TikTok version of “I've got you by the goatee”

The internet is wonderful: you can read scientific papers on nuclear physics just like you can spend hours on it watching people smack tortillas in the face.

This is indeed the essence of a new challengeon TikTok (tortillas, not nuclear physics!). Internet users who firmly believe that “ridiculousness does not kill” film themselves slapping their faces with one of these Latin flatbreads, sometimes with a sip of liquid in their mouths. 

In one version, everyone slaps each other. In another, the participants face off first in a heated rock-paper-scissors fight and it is the person who comes out the loser who will receive a tortilla slap in the middle of a strawberry. Like part of “I've got you by the goatee,” the ultimate goal is not to burst out laughing (by spitting out the contents of your oral cavity, if applicable), except that the “faggot” of the game comes before the fun.

Is this nonsense? Definitely. Is it entertaining? Yes, unless you don't like fun.  


Tortilla challenge, it makes your ears ring @callumgiltjes00 #fyp #funny #comedy #tortillatrend

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

It must be said that it is not so much the slap that makes the spectators laugh as the hilarity that carries the participants to one stage or another. It's hard to take yourself seriously when you're being stuffed with a tortilla.


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♬ original sound – Patti Mac

We can already hear you asking us if this is a dangerous activity. Without being an extreme sport, the challenge can involve risks, such as getting a piece of bread in the eye, swallowing water the wrong way or getting tripped up because the hilarity makes us lose our balance. But if you hurt yourself during the challenge, you can always say, “It’s because the corn tortillas!” But, hate me, you catch her? No, no need to give us credit on that pun. It’s a gift.


4 moms with tortillas #tortillaslap #tortillatrend #tortillachallenge #tortillachallengeslap

♬ original sound – Walmart Amy Adams

As of this writing, the #TortillaChallenge has already racked up 130 million views on TikTok. To raise the counter, it’s here.

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