Tourism: Quebec wants to hire 3,000 asylum seekers

Tourism: Quebec wants to hire 3,000 asylum seekers

As part of the Assises du tourisme held on May 4, the Minister of Employment Kateri Champagne Jourdain announced a project that will allow 3,000 asylum seekers get a job in the tourism sector.

The Quebec Council for Human Resources in Tourism (CQRHT) is responsible for this project, which will span three years. Asylum seekers will benefit from support related to training and employment integration in a tourism sector company.

The project aims to offer employment measures and services to asylum seekers who are currently awaiting a decision on their refugee status and who hold a work permit.

Engaging asylum seekers to support this important sector of our economy makes sense. We must, however, offer these people accompaniment and support so that they can contribute positively to our society.

Christine Fréchette, Quebec Minister of Immigration

Questioned by Métro < /em>whether Quebec would guarantee a Selection Certificate for these new employees, the Ministry of Employment had not provided an answer at the time of publication of this article.

Spinoffs starting this summer

Employment and matchmaking support services will be offered gradually from the month of June. Those interested must complete a form provided for this purpose on the CQRHT website.

“In the current labor market, we must multiply our efforts to integrate as many workers as possible into employment. This is one of my priorities as Minister of Employment. It’s one more tool that we are putting in place and which will have an impact as of this summer,” said Minister Kateri Champagne Jourdain in a press release.

This is, according to Minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx, a pilot project which will not only promote the integration of asylum seekers into society, but also allow tourism businesses “to continue their resumption of activities and, thereby strengthening the vitality of the regions.”

And for the first time, this project will ensure networking, through the CQRHT, between asylum seekers and businesses. A range of services adapted to tourism in terms of francization, preparation for hiring and job training will be instituted.

“The CQRHT wishes to create the winning conditions that will make it possible to reach the government objective to integrate asylum seekers into employment in order to support the job market in tourism”, rejoices the director general of the Quebec Council for Human Resources in Tourism, Xavier Gret.

Les Assises du tourisme is an annual event organized by the Ministère du Tourisme, in collaboration with the Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec. More than 500 participants gathered on May 4 in Montreal, under the theme For a living, prosperous and sustainable industry.

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