Tourisme Quebec relies on visitors’ appetite

Tourisme Québec wants to sound the gossip of the Chinese, Mexicans, French, Easterners and Ontarians! She wants to know what makes their mouth water to attract even more gourmet visitors.

C ach three years, the Department participates in the financing of an international study of the World Food Travel Association says Virginia Rompré, coordinator of public affairs and strategies. She has just sent a little over $ 50,000 to the organization based in Portland, Oregon, to obtain survey data. Objective: to know what travelers like to eat.

But Quebec wanted to go further this year. “The department has also chosen to have a more specific study produced in six priority markets: Central Atlantic and New England in the United States, Ontario in Canada, France, Mexico and China.” adds Rompré. “As part of this additional study, the ministry is” addressing “customized questions about these markets in terms of gourmet tourism.”

These are priority targets for the government, which would justify the extra expenses of just under $ 50,000, still at the World Food Travel Association .


“The information from both studies will increase the department’s and industry’s knowledge of gourmet tourism, particularly with experienced visitors from our major markets, and provide tactical data on this market segment.” “, Argues Virginie Rompré.

It is that gourmet tourism is fashionable. The federal government is interested in that as well. During a recent visit to the Mauricie region, Canadian Minister Mélanie Joly outlined the four areas of industry diversification her team has prioritized, including gourmet tourism. The other three? Aboriginal tourism, LBGTQ tourism and winter tourism, reported our colleagues from the local daily Le Nouvelliste.

“According to the Second Global Report on Gastronomy Tourism , agritourism and gourmet tourism occupy an increasingly important place in the agenda of travelers and these visitors spend more”, remarks Virginie Rompré.


“The World Tourism Organization , a specialized agency of the United Nations, reports in its most recent report that gourmet tourism is on the rise and that its importance is recognized by many destinations.”

Quebec wants its entrepreneurs to position themselves in the growing market. “Companies in the sector represent nearly 6% of tourism businesses in the province (1,800 out of more than 32,000 tourism businesses),” says Rompré. “The targeted industry includes agri-tourism businesses, street food, markets, some restaurants, gourmet tours and tours, and gourmet shops.”

“These companies generate nearly $ 200 million in spinoffs for the Quebec economy and employ more than 3,000 people.”

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