Towards a change in municipal taxation in Montreal

Vers a change in municipal taxation in Montreal

The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante

On November 7, the Municipal Taxation Forum will be held at the Montreal Biodôme, where hundreds of members Montreal civil society and partners from the Montreal agglomeration from the municipal, economic, community, environmental, cultural and university sectors are invited to participate. This is an opportunity for the City to “take a step back from its taxation”.

The event is being held in view of the upcoming negotiations of the fiscal pact with the Government of Quebec in 2024, in order to renew at best the taxation of the metropolis. The City's objective is to consult civil society in order to know its opinion on the city's financial and fiscal framework, which dates from the last century.

“The City of Montreal is seeking to build new consensus on the diversification of its sources of income […]. In addition, the City must take up the challenge of the climate emergency and ensure that future generations have a resilient city,” reads the press release for the event.

“The archaic model of the property tax must be revised and new sources of revenue must be identified for all cities in Quebec,” adds Mayor Valérie Plante, still in a press release.

The City emphasizes that this Project on Montreal's taxation will identify the city's role and responsibilities in municipal taxation as well as its budgetary limits. It also emphasizes the importance of tax and territorial fairness.

The discussions held during the forum will also help the City better understand its participation in the Tax Summit next year.

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