Tranna Wintour doesn't break her bicycle at “An Almost Perfect Supper”

Tranna Wintour doesn't break the bicycle at “Nearly Perfect Supper»

Tranna Wintour made pasta with prawns on the show “An almost perfect supper”.

Wednesday night, Tranna Wintour cooked for her friends at Big Brother on A Nearly Perfect Supper. Her motto for the evening?    I don't care! 

Yes… Tranna hates cooking and doesn't really know how to do it, in addition to not having an ounce of patience to do each step of the recipes well.

So she didn't break the bicycle with her dinner.

Tranna Wintour does not break the bicycle at «Nearly Perfect Supper»

PL Cloutier, Éléonore Lagacé, Guylaine Guay, Tranna Wintour, and Claudia Bouvette/Photo: Courtesy of Noovo

The evening began with a small cosmopolitan cocktail decorated with a small slice of lemon. Some guests liked it, while Claudia Bouvette found it lacking in ice cream. The cocktail was not cold enough.

Then the starter was a small exotic salad with nectarines. Tranna had specially made a salad without feta cheese for Éléonore who is lactose intolerant, but the one-night cook was in the moon and still incorporated the feta into her salad.

But hey … she does not care! Conclusion: Éléonore will only have to remove the feta from her plate.

For the main course, Tranna made pasta with shrimp. She used industrial pasta, frozen shrimp and grocery store tomato sauce. She even forgot to remove the tails from the prawns, so the guests had to remove the tails themselves.

But guess what…yep, she doesn't care!

Finally, the dessert was a deconstructed cheesecake in pretty verrines. The dessert was light and not too sweet. The guests therefore appreciated it.

Since she was a rather attentive host and the dishes were relatively good, the guests gave Tranna a score of 30/40.

Tranna Wintour, however, assured that it was the last time she cooked a supper.

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