Travel disruptions: towards the compensation of injured customers

Travel disruptions : towards the compensation of injured customers

Complaints from travelers have exploded from 2019 to today.

Two days after testifying before the House of Commons Transport Standing Committee on the Holiday Airline Fiasco, Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announces the colors in an op-ed published in the Journal de Montréal .

Fundamental travel compensation rules have existed since 2019, but deserve to be “strengthened” further, especially since the avalanche of complaints experienced by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), argues Mr. Alghabra in her missive.

The director of the CTA, France Pégeot, who was also before the standing committee of the chamber in Ottawa, indicated, precisely, that the number of complaints from travelers in fury had flared up over the past few years.

  • For the 2018-2019 fiscal year, just before the pandemic, only 7,600 grievances were filed with the Agency.
  • We are talking about 21 000 in 2022. And, currently, a backlog of 33  000 cases waiting to be processed.

“Quebecers and all Canadians understand that bad weather can disrupt air travel. However, they expect and deserve to be kept informed of alternative plans and to be compensated when their rights are violated”, indicates the Minister of Transport before promising changes in the Travelers Charter “over the coming months”.

So our government is working on Charter 3.0 with substantial changes that should put the burden of proof on the shoulders of airlines and not on travelers .

Omar Alghabra. Canada's Minister of Transport

He says he is currently working on revising the current model so that he can make changes so that travelers can have the compensation and reimbursements to which they are entitled in the event of disruptions

Via Rail too< /p>

It's not just with Sunwing that Quebecers had trouble over the holidays. Passengers who traveled with VIA Rail  have been stuck, sometimes, for  19 hours on a train with little news. “Canadians deserve better and it is clear that changes are needed”, believes the Minister.

The situation with Via Rail will also be the subject of a complete review and the conclusions ”  will guide the next steps to take to make sure it never happens again.”

And to overcome all this, Omar Alghabra promises to go ahead with the high-frequency train project between Quebec City and Toronto, which will make it possible to have tracks dedicated to this train. Currently passenger trains use CN or CP rails to get their customers to their destination.

Travel disruptions: towards compensation for injured customers

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Travel disruptions: towards compensation for injured-customers

Travel disruptions: towards-compensation for injured-customers

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