Triple murder: François Legault returns to his remarks on the shooter

Triple murder: François Legault returns to his comments on the shooter

François Legault returned on Monday to his controversial statement about Abdulla Shaikh, the alleged perpetrator of the triple murder of Montreal and Laval, shot by police last week. He says he was not happy with the suspect's death, according to comments reported by several media.

Mr. Legault's comments last week raised eyebrows among many observers. “I'm glad we got rid of that individual,” he said the day after the events, during which Abdulla Shaikh was shot dead by the police.

“What I wanted to say, it is that I am happy that the suspect has been put out of harm's way, ”he corrected on the occasion of the presentation of the candidate of the CAQ Kateri Champagne Jourdain in Duplessis, on the Côte- North.

Abdulla Shaikh is suspected of being the author of the three homicides which occurred Tuesday and Wednesday in the north of Montreal and in Laval. Entrenched in a motel in the borough of Saint-Laurent, in Montreal, he was shot dead by the police on Thursday morning. He suffered from schizophrenia in particular.

Investigations are still underway to try, in particular, to understand why the suspect was released.

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