Truckers in Quebec: the political class wants to avoid another Ottawa

Truckers In Quebec: the political class wants to avoid another Ottawa

The Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault.

The convoys of truckers expected in Quebec will paralyze the activities of citizens and merchants less than they did in Ottawa, hopes the Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault. The entire political class of Quebec holds its breath.

A “global strategy” will be developed in this regard, promises Minister Guilbault. The ins and outs of this strategy should be revealed on Thursday. “We understand that people are tired, and there is a way to do it [manifester] properly, with respect for people,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The elected official lined up behind the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, who guaranteed that his patience will be less than that of his counterpart in Ottawa, Jim Watson. “We have to find the balance between respecting the right to demonstrate and then respecting people to live, she reasoned, criticizing in passing the intentions of the demonstrators. The object of the demonstration seems to me to be contradictory with a way of demonstrating that would prevent families from enjoying life.”

The celebrations of the traditional Quebec Carnival begin tomorrow. The smooth running of the event must be ensured despite the presence of demonstrators, said Tourism Minister Caroline Proulx.

Let the people of Quebec and visitors enjoy Carnival activities safely. Our festivals are working very hard and Quebecers need to reconnect with their events.

Caroline Proulx, Minister of Tourism

“It worries me a lot, comments Bruno Marchand. We are at a time when we are trying to give people hope, to rediscover pleasure, we want people to come and encourage our restaurateurs and our hoteliers now that the sanitary measures are falling.”

“Stay Home”

If the objective of the demonstrators is to come and “block Quebec”, “to send hateful messages” or “to have unacceptable behavior”, they must stay at home, believes the leader of the Liberals, Dominique Anglade. However, they have the right to demonstrate peacefully without “hate speech being made”.

“This is where I draw the line,” she says.

Some individuals presented swastika flags in Ottawa. For Ms. Anglade, this is “more than a hateful message”. “From the moment you walk around with Nazi flags, it cannot be acceptable in our society, there, it must be condemned”, considers Ms. Anglade.

Truck-drivers in Qué ;bec: the political class wants to avoid another Ottawa

Racist, misogynistic and otherwise hateful signs were displayed proudly during the demonstrations surrounding the convoy of truckers in Ottawa.
Credit: Sidney Dagenais /Special Collaboration

“Quebec has already seen other manifestations in life,” comments the solidarity Manon Massé. “I think that Quebec, the Parliament, is equipped to supervise the demonstrations, she indicates. But my thoughts go a lot, a lot to the merchants, to the people who had planned to come to the Carnival during the next few days. I think that causes some concern.”

When we polarize, we receive a boomerang in the face. There, what is needed is to continue to show solidarity with each other because this pandemic is not over.

Manon Massé, spokesperson for Québec solidaire

Jamming” Quebec City as the truckers plan to do is not an act of free expression, according to PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. “It's obstruction and then a lack of respect for others,” he notes. So what we are asking of the demonstrators is to make themselves heard, to make their views heard, yes, but not to besiege Quebec City either.”

All parties have opened the door to a meeting with the demonstrators, except the Parti Québécois, which wants time to reflect. “We follow with great interest the points of view of the various groups of the population, because we are concerned about the social climate. So we will hear the arguments”, specifies Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon.

With the collaboration of Mona Lechasseur.

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