Trudeau asks Morneau to reduce taxes, but to maintain reserves

Trudeau demande à Morneau de réduire les impôts, mais de garder des réserves

The minister of Finance of Canada, Bill Morneau

December 13, 2019 16h19


Trudeau asks Morneau to reduce taxes, but to maintain reserves

The canadian Press


OTTAWA — The prime minister Justin Trudeau asks his minister of Finance to reduce taxes, but also to preserve the “financial power” in case we should do in the face of an economic downturn.

Mr. Trudeau has handed over on Friday lists of detailed tasks to her cabinet in “mandate letters” published online.

His first words to each minister recall that the liberals have a minority government, and find ways to cooperate with other parties and the provincial governments will be essential.

In his letter to the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, Mr. Trudeau outlines a number of financial priorities, including the reduction of the federal debt relative to the size of the canadian economy.

He wishes that Mr. Morneau continues to “invest in people”, but it also keeps reserves at a time when some are predicting that the economy may not be as robust in the coming months.

Mr. Trudeau asked the minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, to immediately submit a regulation to reduce the number of teenage followers of vaping, and the minister for Heritage, Steven Guilbeault, to regulate the platforms of social media to reduce the harms online.

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