Trudeau-Legault meeting postponed

Trudeau-Legault meeting postponed

Justin Trudeau postpones the meeting with François Legault which was to take place in Montreal and during which the two Prime Ministers were to exchange end-of-year greetings, but above all to discuss issues policies.

The current snowstorm in Ontario and Quebec is the reason for the postponement of the Prime Minister of Canada's trip from Ottawa. Justin Trudeau’s plane could not have landed because of weather conditions, according to information sent to Mr. Legault’s office, which provided the following clarification: “Let it be clear, it’s not us who canceled.” The new meeting date is not known.

Among the subjects that the two premiers were to address together is the thorny issue of health transfers. The federal government still refuses to transfer more money to the provinces.

An agreement for 2023 had been signed between Ottawa and Quebec for mental health and the fight against addiction in order to give $270 million to the province. However, all the provinces want the share of the federal contribution in the budget of their health system to increase from 22% to 35%. The Trudeau government is asking for better results in the health networks before increasing its funding.

Furthermore, François Legault is also calling for full powers for Quebec in the area of ​​immigration. Currently, Quebec already has significant power in the selection of newcomers and new permanent residents, but certain categories of immigrants are a shared jurisdiction.

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