Trudeau press Iran to move the black boxes without delay

Trudeau presse l’Iran de déplacer les boîtes noires sans délai

During a press conference in Winnipeg, Tuesday, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has expressed his impatience on the analysis of the black boxes of the flight PS752 of Ukraine International Airlines.

January 21, 2020 15h37


Trudeau press Iran to move the black boxes without delay

Catherine Lévesque

The canadian Press


WINNIPEG – prime minister Justin Trudeau press Iran to stop its tergiversions and send without delay the black boxes of the flight PS752 of Ukraine International Airlines in another country who has the expertise to analyze the data of the plane crash.

According to the Associated Press, the head of the iranian of the investigation on the plane crash which has been 176 deaths – 57 canadian victims and 29 permanent residents in Canada seemed to be back on its intentions to send the black boxes abroad.

Iran would rather receive technical assistance from France and the United States to analyze data from the flight recorders in his own country.

During a press conference in Winnipeg on Tuesday, in closing the retirement of his Council of ministers, Mr. Trudeau has expressed his impatience.

“”We are concerned by the fact that the black boxes are not being analyzed immediately as it should be, in the process after such a tragedy in the air.” ”

Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada

“It is for this reason that we encourage Iran and we ask strongly to Iran to send the black boxes somewhere where they have the capacity to analyse in a thorough and quick. France is a perfect example that was shown to be open to do it as a third country in this situation”, he added.

Canada and its allies call on Iran to move the black boxes to a destination that has all the technology and expertise, such as France or the Ukraine, to download the data without delay.

The minister of foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, said that the request had been raised during his conference call with representatives of Britain, Sweden, Afghanistan and the Ukraine – countries which have lost citizens in the crash of flight PS752 of Ukraine International Airlines.

“All eyes are on Iran now. Iran has a choice to make: that of cooperation, of transparency, of accountability, of justice. This is what the families want and we will stand up for families at every stage”, he insisted, Tuesday.

Iran also refuses to recognize the dual nationality of canadian victims of iranian, which represents a “challenge” further, according to the confession even of Mr. Trudeau.

The prime minister said that Canada insists that the wishes of the families concerning the funeral are met – whether they want to bury their loved ones in Iran or repatriate the body to Canada.

“It is a commitment that is aligned not only with international law but with the principles of islam and it is at this level that is in the process of insisting that the wishes of the families, regardless of the recognition of citizenship, are respected by Iran”, he said.

Mr. Champagne stated that, according to the latest information, the canadian victims who were buried in Iran have been in accord with the wishes of their families.

The remains of a victim were repatriated to Canada, has confirmed Mr. Champagne. The family did not want to announce it for the sake of respect for his private life.

The minister said that all the allegations will be the subject of an investigation by consular officials to canadians deployed in Iran and that the situation remains “dynamic”. Up to now, the wishes of the families were respected, he assured Tuesday.

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