Trudeau uses a restricted version of the Emergencies Act

Trudeau uses a restricted version of the Emergencies Act

Justin Trudeau.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially invokes the Emergency Measures Act to put an end to the demonstrations that are rocking the country, but assures that its application will be limited to certain limited measures. “I want to be very clear: these measures are going to be time-limited and geographically targeted,” Prime Minister Trudeau explains.

“With each blockade, the local police are working to keep the peace. But despite their best efforts, it is obviously made difficult to apply the law,” said Justin Trudeau.

With these measures, it is for the federal government to “complement the provincial and territorial powers aimed at managing the occupation and the illegal dams”. The Prime Minister assures that the use of the law will be short-lived and will only affect a few territories. Unlike the measures imposed by his father in 1970, civil liberties will not be suspended and the army will not be called in for reinforcements.

Soutien aux Canadiens< /h3>

There are other ways to express yourself than participating in illegal and dangerous activities

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister would like to remind you that financial support is available for traders and businesses who suffered loss of income during the protests. These supports are available through the federal government's wage and rent subsidy programs. Businesses in downtown Ottawa have been particularly hard hit by the protests.

Mixed reactions

Premier François Legault, as well as his counterparts in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, opposes the use of the Emergencies Act. Mr. Legault believes that emergency measures must be limited to Ontario, where there is a particular problem, in particular in downtown Ottawa and on the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor. He mentions in passing that the demonstrations that took place in Quebec did not pose any problems.

Protesters have occupied the streets of Ottawa for 17 days. More than 400 heavy trucks are parked in the city and refuse to leave the premises.

Late Monday afternoon, the City obtained an injunction that will allow it to ban the fires, fireworks and noise, in particular.

More details to come.

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