TV: the cream of the 2021 Quebec series

T & eacute; l & eacute ;: the cream of the 2021 Qu & eacute; b & eacute; coises series

The finale of M'entends-tu?

The quality of Quebec TV productions in 2021 shows that we have nothing to envy the Netflix of this world (except perhaps their budget). Here are the favorite series of Metro .

Season 3 of M & rsquo ; do you hear?

Florence Longpré and her collaborators have concocted a superb conclusion to this beautiful and original series launched in 2018. The hardness and tenderness are very well calibrated in this final season. Strong point: the greatest place left for the character of Karine, interpreted by the co-author Pascale Renaud-Hébert, particularly hilarious.
On the Télé-Québec platform and the Extra d & rsquo; ICI
Jules Couturier

Season 3 of Plan B

The series which features characters going back in time to change the course of events offers us a third season full of emotions and even more successful than the previous ones. This time, a policewoman, brilliantly played by Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, will have to make heartbreaking moral choices that will question your firmest convictions.
Naomie Gelper

I would like someone to delete me

This is a harsh, sometimes difficult to watch, but necessary webseries that Eric Piccoli produced. Adapted from a novel by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, it features three young people from Saint-Michel who are trying to get by despite the poverty, violence and prejudices that haunt their daily lives. A series overflowing with humanity carried by great performers.
Marie-Lise Rousseau

Reasonable doubt

Captivating and at times disturbing, this crime drama focuses on an extremely topical issue: dealing with complaints of sexual violence. It stars Julie Perreault as an experienced police officer investigating tragic and contentious sexual assault cases. Throughout the episodes and his investigations, we learn more about his mysterious past.
Sur l & rsquo; Extra d & rsquo; ICI
Naomie Gelper

Without an appointment

If you liked Sex Education , you will have as much pleasure watching the new dramatic comedy by Marie-Andrée Labbé ( Trop ). With candor, sensitivity, openness and humor, she recounts the entertaining and educational tribulations of a sex therapist, her colleagues and her patients. Magalie Lépine-Blondeau is impeccable in the lead role.
Sur l & rsquo; Extra d & rsquo; ICI
Marie-Lise Rousseau


After diets, hard training and the adrenaline rush of competition, what happens when athletes retire in their prime? Virage tackles this difficult transition head-on. Freely inspired by the journey of Marianne St-Gelais, the series navigates in troubled waters: those of human fragility.
Fanny Forest

Les beaux malaises 2.0

Martin Matte has succeeded with flying colors in adding depth to his popular self-referential comedy. And just because it talks about breakup, illness and domestic violence doesn't mean we don't laugh out loud. Several scenes are hilarious, notably those with Geneviève Schmidt and Laurence Lebœuf.
On TVA +
Marie-Lise Rousseau

You just have to file a complaint

Because yes, “shame must change sides”. In her documentary series released this fall, Léa Clermont-Dion accurately and confidently recounts her legal journey after filing a complaint for sexual assault. The documentary presenting a dozen testimonies from other victims, we quickly realize the biases of the system & # 8230; To see and see again!
Amélie Revert

https: //→/embed]

Season 3 of Fork

Sarah-Maude Beauchesne knows how to tell stories that are touching, funny and crying out for the truth. True to herself, the author offers us a third season that you can watch without a break. This time, Fork explores the theme of motherhood and non-motherhood. Several women will recognize themselves in Sarah's existential crisis.
Naomie Gelper

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La Une & nbsp;

With this documentary series in eight episodes, Télé-Québec offers the public a complete immersion in the daily life of the investigative journalists of the daily La Presse . Through its devoid of artifice, the series attempts to take a fair look at the work of reporters by highlighting both their successes and their missteps.
On the Télé-Québec platform
Fanny Forest

Honorable mentions to…

  • Audr e came back
  • Completely high school
  • Bête noire
  • Six degrees
  • Lou and Sophie
  • The little kings
  • My son
  • Me neither!
  • Maid (for the role of Théodore Pellerin)
  • Season 2 of Ted Lasso (for the role of Moe Jeudy-Lamour and the cameo of Thierry Henry)
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